Passed Over Pets
What's the purpose of this site? How can it benefit me?
What is a Pet Communicator, anyway? Are you a Pet Psychic?
What does "telepathy" mean? "Psychic"?
Explain it so it makes sense!
What is a being?
What services does "Aunt" Julie offer?
What DOES Passed Over mean?!
Do you communicate with animals via email?!
How do you find the right animal being for the Consultation?
Where do Passed Over pets go?
Is my pet upset with me for having him "put down"?
What kinds of things will I find out?
What do you mean by "Transitional"?
Why do they sometimes think they're dead when they're not? Alive when they're not?
Why do you ask so many questions? (with a note on Past Lives)
How do you feel about being "tested"?
Why is it helpful for me to send you a picture of my pet?
What can I expect from a Pet Consultation?
What is your highest concern or main focus when doing a Pet Consultation?
What do you expect from me?
If I write up a "Testimonial" or Success Story, is my personal info private?
How can I get my pet's picture up on your site?
Who is Fox Mulder Rich? Danny Doodle?
What's the purpose of this site? How can it benefit me and/or my animal companion(s)?
The purpose of this web site is to hook you and I up in order to enable you to reconnect with your Passed-Over Pet or animal friend. You will be able to have a fulfilling interchange with them, set things right, say and ask all of those things you have been wanting to, find out if they have gotten the comm you have already been sending their way, find out what they have been doing, how they felt about their life with you, their death, and what they are "up to". This is achieved using my help as a Pet Communicator. This can include your pet, your friend or neighbor's pet, or any animal(s) that you'd like to connect with.
You can also do Preparatory Planning with your pet for imminent passing such as ailing health or euthanasia.
What is a Pet Communicator, anyway? Are you a Pet Psychic?
A Pet Communicator is pretty synonymous with Pet Psychic, Pet Translator or Pet Intuitive. Pet Communicators can communicate with "animal beings" (beings with an animal body, compare "human being" who is you and I, a being with a human body). They tell you what the animal has to "say" and in the course of this have to translate this into terminology humans can relate to. Pet Intuitive is another name I've seen used for a person who can do this. I am most comfortable with Pet Communicator as this is what I literally do. I also work very hard to translate their concepts into human wording and common human logical thought. They may not say the words, "The jury's still out as to whether or not I'll stop yowling every night," but sometimes that's the only way I can communicate their concept of considering it, being still indecisive and also being a little impish. (You will see more how this works as we progress through the Pet Consultation.)
You can read more about this and inter-species communication on the How Does It All Work? page.
What is a Being?
In short, You. Me. Rover or Fluffy. The one running the body and using the mind. The one who ran your pet's body and who will now be re-connecting and interacting with.
Please take a minute to read the top part of my How Does It All Work? page. Also, you know what a Human Being is. When the term Animal Being is used on my site, think in terms of the same thing: "being plus body" but that body is an animal species body instead of human species.
What does "telepathy" mean? "Psychic"?
Telepathy is the communication of thoughts, feelings, or knowledge from one being to another without the use of the senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste, or touch. An example of telepathy would be if one person thought of something specific and another person stated or wrote the thought correctly.  (From Greek tele- at or to a distance + Gk pathos emotion, feelings)
Psychic: of, relating to, or influenced by the mind .  A person with demonstrable "psychic abilities" can do or perceive any one (or more) of a variety of things, occurrences, thoughts etc but not through conventional usage of "the 5 Senses".  (From Greek psyche soul)
A person who has good telepathic abilities is one form of a psychic. They can "get", pick up, receive (and send) or transfer pictures, words, feelings or thoughts to and from another being. Not to be confused with someone wandering down the street aimlessly or eating wallpaper because "the voices" have told them to. J
I have yet to meet someone who is not "psychic" in some area. Some are more tuned in to one area than another, and so can perform or perceive in a way that is considered remarkable or "unattainable" by others. Be that as it may, one will find Pet or Animal Psychics (who can communicate with animals), those who can predict future events, who can pick up an object and know something about the owner and so on, all the way to prodigies and those every-day unnamed types who just have that "knack" or natural instinct for understanding certain types of machinery that no one else will ever figure out because they irritatingly seem to defy the laws of nature! The word "psychic" gets thrown around liberally and often has strange and offbeat rites and practices connected to it, and often people don't think one is truly psychic unless they have a Jamaican accent, burn incense and tell you your boyfriend is cheating on you.  And then, these folks seem almost a caricature of themselves and lose their own credibility - even to me and I'm used to "psychic" things!
I recall reading a translated letter Nostradamus had written to his son way back when, explaining how he did what he did. It was a brilliant work, his abilities were astounding and he was comfortable with them, yet he seemed to not be able to realize that he himself just had these abilities. He had to burn certain candles and the moon or stars had to be a certain way and particular things had to be said...this is "how" he did it. This surprised me as I thought he of all people would simply state, "This is the way it is - I know what I know, take it or leave it". Well, so be it, but I have found the philosophy that works for me is that one can perceive what they can perceive; additionally, it's better to just acknowledge and respect the ability than to tout, flaunt or misuse it. I don't know "everything". I know what the animal tells me.
Not all "psychics" can do everything that every other psychic can do. If you ask me, "If you're so psychic, why haven't you won the Lottery?", my answer is - I've yet to meet an animal (or human) who can tell me the correct numbers!
See, I listen to what the animals say, and that's what I'm good at. Someone else who is good at predicting the future can perhaps tell you which Lottery balls will blow upwards, that's your call if you'd like to try. What I can do is establish a line of communication focus in with a being who is an animal being.  They, being quite naturally versed with and dependent upon telepathy, communicate in this fashion and I happen to be able to "get" what they are communicating. This is not predicting the future or bending spoons using intention alone, or picking up on something that's happening to a guy in New Jersey. I can do some of that - or I can't. And to any who can do that, more power to them. I do not profess to be someone with any more abilities than I do have (read: shysters, quacks and the like), nor am I interested in being lumped in with those who can do these other abilities as that opens the door to a variety of tangents many would like me to go off onto. No, I did not know where little Jessica was, I don't know if Brad and Jen will get back together and I don't know the winning Lottery numbers this or any upcoming week (sigh).
What I excel at is Animal Communication and that is what I am offering you.
You can read a bit more on telepathy on the How Does It All Work? page.
What services does "Aunt" Julie offer?
I offer Consultations done either utilizing email or the telephone. There is a Consultation to reconnect with pets who are already Passed Over, and a special Planning service for pets you know will be passing over (such as terminally ill or badly injured) with its subsequent Post (natural death or euthanasia) Follow-Up included. Refer Available Services / Order Here page for all info, prices, how-to, etc.
Areas of interest and concern taken up are covered on this page as well as below.
If your pet has been missing for quite some time, know that I do not promise nor guarantee finding, well, recovery in any case, of a lost pet. (I can locate and communicate with the being. Whether they return to you safe and sound cannot be predicted nor guaranteed and I do not do lost or missing pets). My sister site Aunt Julie's Pet Communicator Web Site has comprehensive information about Lost Pets plus some good Testimonials - but don't go off into that site until you're done here at this site - there's too much to that other one and you may get lost in it and forget to come back here!
On second thought, that site has a page covering all of the important details about my Passed Over Pets services; a page which also enables you to order right there, so go ahead if you wish to switch over. Just remember that web site is and this one is Perhaps bookmark them for future reference.
Do you communicate with animals via email?!
Nope...though some folks used to get confused as I did have an "email version" of a Consultation. In this version, you would email me with what you wanted to know, I'd contact the animal telepathically, get the answers and feedback, and email you back. Well I'm not currently doing that version due to back disk-owie problems. No worries! With the Phone version, you and I can talk on the phone and the animal will tune right in - it's actually truly interactive - and you and I converse about things directly to and with them. My "old salts" who do ongoing animal communication are getting rather hooked on the Phone version. And if you want, I can make a tape of the Consultation it and pop that into the mail to you. (No guarantees! That is, hopefully the tape quality's pretty good and it doesn't get accidentally de-magnetised en route etc and so on. I don't have to do this for anyone, I just like to, when you'd like it. There have only been 2-3 times the tape has arrived "blank" or some such. Anyway, sometimes it helps a lot to hear things again. Now with passed over pets, it can be upsetting! but that's your call on this; I personally wouldn't want to hear my own Passed Over Consult with my beloved dog or something - but that's me.)
What DOES Passed Over mean?! (bluntness alert) 
Passed Over is used in the main to communicate or imply that the animal or person has "passed from this earthly state " to some other "state" unknown or not quite nailed down (understood) by humans. We instinctly know that there's a being (us) somehow "in there" and "it" goes somewhere - or something like that.
But -

The term "Passed Over" is actually a euphemism.
Euphemism: The act or an example of substituting a mild, indirect, or vague term for one considered harsh, blunt, or offensive: Example: "having an affair" (a euphemisn for adultery).

To pass over, per actual definition, is "to die".

Why is this important to point out?

There are two occurrences covered here. One is a constant: death is death. The body dies, the being leaves the dying or dead body.
Then there is what then ensues (follows). Folks sometimes call that, or the combination of the two (dies and then XYZ occurs) as "passing over". This is not the case.
Different folks expect or anticipate a variety of "outcomes" for their pets (let alone themselves and other humans and animals). They need to know what occurs and what does not occur. What I can provide for them is what their animal says has occurred for them. Truth is a key factor in closure, but even if this were not so, it still needs to be communicated. I find it extremely difficult to alter, temper, tone down, soften, change your pet's communications, and it is not my place to do so. Whatever he says is what he says. His concepts are as they are. He is as he is. He's doing how he's doing. He's doing what he's doing.
Most of the time it's fine and/or will be fine as soon as there's some interchange between you two. He loves you, misses you, misses being able to jump up and lick your face, smell the outside air, bark at the cats...
But -
Depending on your ideas of things, your religious, philosophical or general upbringing, you may have a different expectation of what you "should" hear. He says he is in your bedroom hanging out by the closet door and he's calm and fine and he likes to "cuddle", emotionally, with you as you sleep. Nothing wrong with that! expected him to be romping with Sparky in the clouds because that's what you concluded is more correct, is what folks told you would happen, an internet site about passed over pets said would happen, is easier to confront because you've had attention on Sparky since Sparky passed 10 years ago, etc.
You wish to feel assured that he is in Jesus' hands.
You wish to know that he will have the appropriate Karmic reincarnation.
He is with your departed father, a former pet, etc.
He is at "The Rainbow Bridge".
Whatever it is you're expecting or hoping to hear.
I am factually not concerned if what HE tells us does not conform with what you think should occur or what it should be referred to as.
Since I deal in truth and truth only, I go by what he says and how he describes things as much as possible. The rest is speculation, conclusions and the like. He says what he says.
Terminology can be confining, confusing and mis-leading. I will not tell you that your dog is with Jesus if he has not said so, and what if I did because I felt or assumed this to be the case (or misinterpreted something your animal pet said about feeling elated or feeling blessed) and just worded his concepts that way, saying he was with Jesus instead of saying what HE told me.....? and if I did so, what if you do not believe in Jesus? Yikes! That'd make things worse still for you, and would not be simply telling you what he said, which is my job and responsibility as a Communicator.
This has NOTHING TO DO WITH my beliefs or non-beliefs. If anyone's offended - um, tough. RE-READ what I wrote. I didn't say anything offensive. What I said is, I'm a Communicator and your pet told me that he's hanging out by the pond in the back yard looking at the fish. So that's what I told you that he told me. I did you a service by not entering Julie-ology into it, this-religion-speak into it, some-other-interpretation into it.
I don't know what you "expect" to hear and I don't pander to anyone. What your bay-bee says is what he or she says!
You wanted the straight skinny, didn't you?!?
As a Communicator, I will not tell you that your cat's "next correct lifetime" is to be a cow because Karmia teachings say so. Your cat may wish to find a farm cat in Ohio and be one of those kittens. Or be a marine animal i the South Seas. Or hang out indefinitely in the basement of your house with some other passed over animal who still hangs out there (his new horsey friend! type of thing). Or go find a pet cemetery somewhere and hang out there, trying to feel like a "ghost". Maybe your kitty's in Heaven or at Rainbow Bridge. Maybe not. Just depends on what he tells me, his perception and / or interpretation of things, and the most accurate Human English Wordings that reflects his concepts.
Whatever concept he's into, that's what I'm going to pass along. You are welcome to discuss it with him, of course. But just know that I'm a straight shooter when it comes to his comm.
It's a strong point of integrity with me, to pass along their concepts as purely "from the source" as possibly, and I can't stress this enough.
So - back to....
The DEFINITION OF PASSED OVER is "died". Let's start with this one thing, just for now.
Please refer to an actual standard English dictionary, nothing slanted, alternative, spiritual and the like.
A term has a definition and that's what the definition IS.
Here's one example you can find online:  (I just went to and typed in  passed over  in their search engine box). See definition 35: "To die". This is the simplicity of it.
There are definitions which have to do with changing states of affairs (such as #43 to undergo transition or conversion: gas to liquid, for example) which people use to communicate what they have concluded occurred with their pet when it died. It passed over or passed on (died), then, it is now just a being. Well, this is true, the animal being is still the animal being, that has not changed, the body has died, he's a spirit, it has ceased to be animated and it has perished. Some go on to say that pet has "gone into the spirit world". This is basically a pretty good way of wording it as it is not too limiting as a specific location or type of reincarnation. Therefore the usage of that definition has stuck with many folks, even though the definition has to do with material things such as chemicals. Remember, his body is a material thing. IT will change its form (decompose). It is not him, though; he does not change his "form" in that respect (chemically and so on). One's the being, one's the material body.
So once again, it's best to keep with the simple definition as it is the one that fits: Passed Over means died. What then occurs is a matter of discovery and discussion, not one definition fits all. What occurs with your pet is what occurs with him and also what he SAYS has occurred (good, bad, wrong, right, logical or illogical, agreeable or not). And that's all you will hear from Aunt Julie as we talk with him:  what he relates about things.
A bit of alteration of what occurred: My dog Rover passed over into a cat's body. More correct: My dog Rover passed over. Then he decided to take over a cat's body nex and is now a cat. (or) He's now going to be a cat. (Whatever.)
Two steps in the sequence: passing over / passed over, then next whatever he's going to do.
Terminology has gotten confused, muddled and inconsistent over time. I do not wish to fall into that trap.
If something is a particular way, that's how it is, it doesn't "vary" with each occurrence. Each time someone's pet dies, he, the being, leaves that dead body. That's a constant. He passed out of it (different definition, #21 on that page: to discharge or void from the body, as excrement or a kidney stone - hey, they may not be the most pleasant example, but it's still an accurate usage of this definition of the word) however he passed out of it: through the forehead, the side, whatever. Often described as passing out (of it) smoothy, drifting out (especially if prior to body's death), etc.
He is now "passed over".

What's next?

That, to you, will often be whatever you decide it's "supposed to be". For him, it'll be what actually occurred, occurs and what he makes occur. For me, it's just whatever he tells me is going on,which is what I'll pass along to you.

Moving on. A LOT of the time it's roped, based, seedly heavily in you. You ARE still part of the equation! and a huge factor. He is like an emotional tuning fork, you resonate grief, he resonates grief. He feels better now that the pain is gone (or that he realizes that the pain is gone - sometimes there's a lag), you feel better. It IS a huge emotional roller-coaster, you can feel great and cry and feel horrible and then better and then numb and this can go on and on (and contrary to what "helpful" folks tell you, there is no wrong or right time, steps and sequences, etc. You get through it and heal in your own good time and in your own fashion. What makes you feel better - and triggers upset - is uniquely your own.)
A lot of clients instinctively fear that their "not being able to let go" affects the animal being. It's true! The pet can't "move on". "Move on"is as vague as "pass over" but also far more accurate and certainly not a euphemism. If you are having a hard time, they tend to not just bolt, regardless of any big plans they might have (I'm going to be a human and join the Red Cross when I grow up!) At times, when they DO move on, we don't always know where they're going or what they're up to because they wish it that way and often for no particular reason voiced.  
I have found from comm with them that when they move on, it's pretty much always preceded by a decision to do so. That is, they and you feel a closure or some things are sorted out or they've decided it's now time to XYZ and this has been communicated about with you and you both feel good about it, as good as can be expected (which is sometimes quite nice feeling!) and you say your Good-Byes and that's that.
(Don't worry - all of this occurs and the communication unfolds in a natural way about things between you and your pet. I'm just giving some sketchy outlines of some ways that these things have gone, it's not like there's some pre-ordained way it will go and you have no input or chance to voice anything! It's been real rare that the animal makes some quick decision such as I want to move along NOW and do Purpose ABC!... but even so, there is time for Good-Byes.)
Now, beings instinctively know that we get used to having a body and that whole "package" existence and we relate to ourselves as that whole identity: I am "Julie Rich" but who will I be after the body named Julie Rich dies? Who is "you" looking at your body's face in the mirror in the morning?
This is the being we are talking to when doing a Pet Communication Consult, either "dead" or "alive".
So once again, when your pet dies, your pet has, bluntly, died, or has euphemistically "passed over". After that, we find out when we're in comm with him or her (the being).
I specialize in Passing Over and Passed Over Pets. It's easy and smooth (despite the upsetting nature of it - even to me). Perhaps it's because I just let it be as it is, and communicate what they say is occurring and how they are doing, and I don't change it into something that I figure might be the correct sounding scenario.
You can ask me if he's playing with Sparky. Sometimes he is. Sometimes he has no idea who or what Sparky is - even if they knew each other! (Memories are a funny thing sometimes.) You can always remind him and see if he'd like to "look Sparky up". Sparky may be somewhere else now, being another pet or ?? but you can always ask your newly passed over Rover about things and see where it leads you.
Sometimes they're literally in some fun, sunny spot they've picked and they're playing games, "on stage", top hat and tails and running a "show", with kitties and bunnies in the audience. Who am I to say this is not so? I love it! and I pass it along...IF they tell me this is what they're doing.

Occasionally a pet owner feels fine wtih things but then after talking with others, reading their emails and their offered sympathies and web sites and the like, the owner gets a bit shook up and starts to worry now that their passed over pet isn't doing Whatever. They were fine on what their pet said about being with them and enveloping them with love and warmth and staying with them and being pleased with the "ceremony" (etc) now, suddenly, this is not good enough for the owner who is now borderline superstitiously horrified that something is "missing".
The owner will email me (sometimes borderline franticly) and ask me.... "Has he passed over??!!" The confusion on the line has shaken them up and there is now confusion. It is understandable! These are horrible times! and you want to know that there is a true and correct peace and outcome for your most beloved of friends. So do I, so does everyone. Our beloved animal companions are, well, there actually ARE no words.
But is he passed over? REMEMBER that that happened when he passed - when he died. Just stop and take an assessment of what you are asking.
What you are really asking me is if he has done or achieved whatever you imagine he is supposed to do or achieve, or someone fed to you as "how it's supposed to be" about he was supposed to now be doing, so that you feel good about his "situation". He can be truly happy, just fine, out of pain, feeling free, hanging out by you, and the like, but you still are worried he has not reunited with earlier passed-over Fluffy, your grandpa Jake and your childhood hamster you never got over accidentally riding your wagon over and have always wanted to make happy in "the afterlife". You're concerned your newly passed over beloved pet isn't pigeonholed into the "correct" setting now and this is horrifying and traumatic for you. You forget and/or are no longer satisfied with the fact that your passed over bay-bee says he's fine! and sends emotions which are calm.
I can only give you comm from them and tell you how they are doing. I cannot and will not make up scenarios which do not exist and I also will not refer to his situation as something which is only a euphamistic moniker (name). This is just me traffiking in truth, being honest, not betraying their comm (as when misrepresented, they get upset, as we all do), and avoids possible confusion and/or disappointment up the line. You need to accept the fact that if he says he's fine, he's fine. They're compassionate but they're also not into "lying". If they're fine, they're fine. This does NOT mean they can't get upset and griefy at the drop of a hat, same as you. This does not mean that they never cared in the first place. It's just a matter of Now Is Now, with a lil' bit of "It felt great to talk about it finally!" mixed in.
Sounds weird, and it's the rare pet owner who will not accept their pet's comm, but it can occur.

Enjoy the comm with your passed over pet. Your upset about things is genuine, deep and normal. Know on their behalf, however, that the factual worst of things IS over: the ailing, the dying (or sudden occurrence which brought on death), the death. They have passed over and there is only discovery for you and your animal friend from this point on. You will be as bereaved for as long as you will be. This is a personal thing and no one can judge it and you are not to judge yourself on it. Just experience it and get through it. PERHAPS some good, honed, accurate and caring comm from your passed over bay-bee will be of some great assistance to you, and them in their emotions, state of mind and future endeavors.
How do you locate the Animal Being for the Consultation?  
and also ~ Where do Dead Pets go?
You'll find that both are covered in this same write-up. It's a bit long but should prove informative.
What I've found regarding "dead" animals directly relates to how I do what I do in the first place: Pet Communication. How does one find that being in the first place, to communicate with them? You email me about your dog Rover, want me to ask him where he is now, what foods he liked etc. How do I find Rover? YOUR Rover, in fact?
Let's break it down, back it up a bit and walk down the logic trail.
As discussed elsewhere on this site, animals are quite telepathic - they do this naturally. The "barks" and "meows" are what their bodies' sounds are literally physically capable of and are unto themselves one way an animal communicates. They utilize sound waves just as we do, but a dog can't "speak" as we do. Nor can a dolphin roar like a lion. The bodies simply aren't designed with the right equipment!
Again, this is a physical form of communication that ranks along side with their other obvious physical communications (such as tail wagging). But they are very, very telepathic, so when attention is directed their way - specifically their way - they tune right in. It's instantaneous, slowed perhaps only by the occasional inattention, distraction or their being caught off guard ("Huh? Who's that!?") which WE also might do if we were laying in the sun snoozing - listening to music - caught in our own thoughts - or simply just not expecting somebody we don't know to go knock-knock on our mental door! But as soon as they realize what's going on, they're excited and I get a lot of "Well, Hi!" type of concept. They don't think twice about this telepathic contact coming their way, past the initial occasional being slightly startled by being interrupted from whatever they happened to be into that moment. It's we humans that would think we were "crazy" or something if this happened to us; we've got it so trained out of us that it seems unnatural, when it's actually not only quite natural, it's also what we're doing all the time too! The thought/concept come first; the subsequent decision to say something (with our mouths, tongues & voices) follow as we know that's the only way the other guy will "get" what we're communicating.
(Some do get it, but they're so pooh-pooh'd at, invalidated, Oh Come ON!, laughed at and drilled into "social" behavior etc that they soon forget they could do it and in fact lose the ability. They "grew up", or they lost friends. Stories such as Peter Pan and Dr. Doolittle have an element of truth running through them, despite the fantasy spun around it!)
Anyway, the animal being is very easy to contact. You and I are human beings - a being (YOU, the one who lays in bed thinking at night, the one who wonders what 24 x 4 is, the one who uses their arm to scratch their itching leg) plus a human species body. They are an animal being because they are a being plus an animal species body. That body died, but the being is still around and contactable.
The bodies influence the beings a lot. If you had a cat body which was highly stimulated by little running things as they equated base-line survival (something to catch and eat), you'd also have no qualms about bringing your "kill" to your master as that, too, is part of something that aids survival. We on the other hand, being "civilized" humans and capable of finding a meal at any fast food place, would find a dead mouse on our doorstep rather repulsive. Yet both your cat and you are beings, and both are thinking and doing and computing decisions as we see fit and correct.
So there is a being there, and this being is uniquely himself (per se, they have no literal gender, the body does - though just as we do, they often define themselves as male or female because their body is male or female). And that's who I find when I "reach out" and look for your Rover. And he's right there to receive my "connection" and so the conversing starts.
One of the reasons it makes it easier for me to have some basic key details about the animal you want contacted and it can really help to have a picture of them to hand is that it's a good "ice breaker" - I can visualize them in their complete form (for lack of better wording) which is how they view themselves. They were a kitty and they were fluffy white and so big and such and such and their name was Cassie and they loved big plush pillows. If I have this concept in mind it helps me link up to and with the correct being out there. There are a lot of animals, a lot of cats, many named Cassie and so on.
Compare if a friend took you to a train station, pointed to all of the people and said "Ok, who am I here looking for?" You might at least wish them to narrow it down to male or female; once you know it's a male, it'd be nice if your friend told you it's her nephew. Gives you an age range...perhaps some physical attributes. It can be difficult to "fly blind". It's not "cheating" - we're talking about a living being here and each individual, whether animal or human, is different and unique than all others. I need some prompts to accurately locate your animal friend. And when I've got him, I've got him.
When an animal's body dies, he's still contactable. There have been many times where I found a being and had no idea if they were "dead" or "alive" because I was conversing with a living being anyway! and they also had no idea. This was wild at first, believe me! They'd have recorded a mental picture of their body laying there dead, so I'd see this picture and conclude that Yes, they had been killed, for example, and they, not particularly caring or knowing that this had any importance one way or the other, would simply go, Huh. Well, OK. So to the humans, I'm "dead". (Some, not all. Like human beings, they have varying ideas about what it all means.)
They do of course often miss the physical contact, the huggies and stroking, the warmth, the closeness with their owners and so on. They also get quite upset at the owner's upset, grief and loss. They know of no way to comfort the owner as the owner can't "hear" them. They can be right THERE and no one knows it! Heck, the only reason this unto itself isn't as upsetting as it could be is that frankly, they've gotten used to that long ago simply by virtue of the fact that they were someone's pets and around humans who couldn't understand them their entire lives!
Some take over new bodies (puppies, kittens) and when they have done so they are influenced by this new body, it's hunger, its growing sensations, its sleepiness, its freshness at being so young and new and so on, their new owners call them by a different name, they're in a new house, new smells, a new kid around throwing a ball which distracts them right into their new current environment which is so fun! get the idea. They are no longer Tiffany the 15 year old sick cat, they are now Rex the baby German Shepherd.
But they are always accessible as it's the being that's being contacted. It's almost like those movies and classically, soap operas, where someone disappears and comes back a long time later post-plastic surgery and their spouse doesn't know it's your husband or wife!? Yeah, right - I don't think so. You'd know if it was them or not. You know the actual person: the being!
Well, it's that same "knowing".
Some people just happen to have a more honed ability in the area than others. It just is what it is, no different than the one kid who excels in algebra while the other is the next Rembrandt - and the other seems to be able to do "nothing" (in someone's opinion, anyway).
Where do the passed-over animals go? .They're between bodies or they have new bodies. They're your next door neighbor's frog or they're a newborn lion in Africa or they're hanging out around Philadelphia because they think it's cool to be unhindered by still being an iguana stuck in a cage.
This doesn't fly into the teeth of any religion or philosophy. Whether or not they are subsequently swooped up by a Supreme Being could still be up the line and is not discounted here, nor are Heaven or Hell for those who believe; Karma applies here for those who believe; reincarnation applies here for those who believe - etc etc etc. In fact, the only thing this flies in the teeth of are those who are certain that we are all molecules, only. Our bodies are, yep, but I think you already know better about the rest of this discussion.
So the point is that what's true holds up under inspection, and when you've conversed with a being, there's no turning back. You know what you know, and you know it as surely as you know your name. I'm sure you've had some experience in your life that couldn't be explained YET no one could shake you that it had happened. Something that was a "things that go boomp in the night". A feeling that someone really was in the room that both wanted to eat the same thing for dinner and rent the same movie...the time the phone rang and you knew who it was (yeah, maybe later you decided that it was just a good guess...riiiiiight. You knew and that's that.
Is my pet upset with me for having him "put down"?
To date, the passed-over ones I contact are never angry at the owners for having them "put down" or "put to sleep".
The owners are generally beside themselves with anguish, guilt, uncertainty as to whether it was the right decision, regret (if they're not sure it was) and completely understandable grief. Often I hear that they have not gotten over it for many, many years.
You should know going in that occasionally the animal being will spew out some ire, some upset, some curse words, mid-stream. It happens. It goes away and they get to express all sorts of things they needed and/or wanted to say that they have previously been unable to! Passed over pets understand a LOT more than the owners think and also forgive a lot. They're generally already used to the fact that it's, well, happened and done with. They are also aware of being alive and aware, and cognizant of the fact that their owners aren't aware that this animal being is still alive and aware and has been all along.
It's not hard on them to be contacted after they have passed over; they usually "flip out" at the re-connection. It blows them away, they're so happy and grateful! We cannot therefore be greedy and worry about ourselves, our feelings. Our beloved pets can finally say and/or ask what they have been wanting to. They are very moved by the fact that the owner cared and reached towards them enough that one more time - and got through, using a Pet Communicator. There are often no words to express their feelings.
It's almost like - why deny this joy to them? And IF the passed-over animal is allows them to vent. Allows them to get things off of their chest. They'll feel better - they always do.
Side note: If you know you are going to do this with your pet, take advantage of the Preparatory and Post Consultation Sevice. Do it. You are preparing your pet for what's coming. This is Life and Death. Don't think they don't know, nor have their own questions and concerns (often just about how the owners are going to be!!) Sometimes they want to know what to expect afterwards. Sometimes they want to know if it will hurt. Some they want to be carried there in their favorite blanket, some not. Sometimes they have specifc requests as to who is to go with them and who is not.  I have had remarkable success with helping out in these types of delicate situations: before and after, as one "Consultation" and one "Follow-Up". Example (actual email excerpt from my helping someone with this exact circumstance): "I can't say 'thank you' enough. You've been a complete blessing through this whole thing. I'm sure God blesses you for your kindness, compassion, and for the help you give to humans and animals. Thanks for everything. I don't know how we would have made it without you."
Please contact me about your plans if this applies to you. If at all possible, give it a little lead time as if you're now considering it, because once you are...they are. How would you like this hanging over your head!?

What kinds of things will I find out?
The following are some things I and many owners have found out which may surprise you, a few of which are also expanded upon on this and other pages on this site. This list reads like it's mostly for living pets, but I'm sure you can see where it would apply to any animal being and you may just discover any of these from yours if such comes up:
Animals often have no idea that they have "died".
Sometimes passed-over pets have been simply hanging out under the leaves of a tree or on your roof etc "waiting for Mommy to tell them what to do".
They like to come to you when you're asleep and "share dreams" with you.
They don't always know if they've had babies or been neutered/spayed.
They don't always know their gender and/or have decided they are the other gender.
Big lumbering female animals can feel quite "girlie", pretty and feminine, and can be quite touchy about this.
Regarding Abuse, they get upset over the betrayal as much as the act itself, i.e. it's the fact that the person hit them, as much as the pain of the strike itself (which carries its own great and lasting damage and upset).
They've got a lot of fun fantasies, the most common being Fairy Princesses and Big Jungle Hunters / Predators / Warriors. AND they also know these are fantasies.
A lot have different names and/or secret names (and not just the rescued ones whose earlier names are unknown). They also tend to prefer the name that the current owner has given them and what comes up a lot is that this is primarily because it gives the owner such pleasure, therefore it satisfies the pet's desire to please its owner.
Some do not feel "owned" at all, they "just live there" with you.
Some can very upset if they feel they do not have an "equal voice" in the household.
They can get affected mentally by your drug usage. Fortunately, I haven't yet found it to be permanent.
They have human Mommies and canine (feline, etc) Mommies, and Fathers. They know the difference and some feel that they have had two sets of parents. They less often, however, think of human children as siblings.
One little tiny undetected incident can change their personality, behavior and/or habits for life. They usually know exactly what it was, too.
They often feel that fellow same-species pets are siblings, all the while knowing in actuality that they are not. There can be a strong kinship and brotherhood there.
It is of high importance to most of them to feel an equal "voice" in a family unit - yet the "issues" are generally quite small to humans (such as they want their crate turned another direction and if the humans just knew that and did it, they'd be elated that someone thought enough of them to listen and comply!
They are highly and primarily telepathic and as such can pick up on what others all around them are thinking. (This can be of value in finding lost pets.) Many also enjoy planting ideas into our mind!
They look at you as their "son" or "daughter" and are quite observant, protective and judgemental along that line.
They don't necessarily "change" after saying why they misbehave...often they have to "think about it for awhile" just as we do
They take great pride in appearance, ability to do tricks, and/or being the largest, fastest, smartest, scariest etc of the bunch.
They don't lie. They do offer up what they feel someone might wish to hear but it's obvious they're trying to be euphemistic or "helpful" as it's not in their nature to lie
They yell & scream obscenities.
Cats are inherently very feline as dogs are very canine. Cats can also be very canine-ish and vice versa though it's rarer with dogs.
They smell different "layers" or "levels" of air channels. They have described to me smelling the humans when their nose is at "this" height, the cooking food at another level a couple of inches higher, etc.
Pets boast and brag.
They when using their bodies to communicate (e.g. barking) are generally pushing just one point (as opposed to being conversational when being telepathic). E.g. They may keep trying to telepathically tell you all the logical reasons you should stop doing what you're doing let them outside, politely, with all of their ideas on this etc., and then when you don't "get" it, they'll just stand there and bark at you which is basically a stripped down, "I wanna go out! I wanna go out!" In short, they're yelling at you J.  
They generally pick a primary person they bond with, and this is often accompanied by a not unpleasant outlook of "I can take or leave" the other. Example: if they bond more with the wife, they may love the husband and have absolutely no problem with or about him, but their attitude seems to easily fall right into She's "the one" and He could come or go and it wouldn't affect the pet too much beyond how She might feel about it!
Some New York / New Jersey area pets understood 9-11 but were not concerned beyond the fact that their owner was safe and sound and made it home that night
Some still wonder if their owner / friend will ever "turn up" (despite living in a new home for quite some time now).
Many are proud of how well New York City did during the horrific days, first weeks and the months following the incident (they think of themselves as "New Yorkers"!)
K9s and Search & Rescue dogs know exactly what they're doing and why, and do actually take the pride in their work that many humans imagine or hope that dogs can.
What do you mean by "Transitional"?
When a pet passes and wishes to return to the owner as another pet, this transition is simple to accomplish though not always easy. Some coordinating is generally entailed and it is important to ensure that the animal being is prepared for the ramifications as well as his new life, and that the owner knows how to conduct themselves at the initial states of this transition.
Let's say your cat Princess has cancer and euthanasia is imminent. In the course of the Preparatory Consultation, she says she would love to come back as another cat for you! Or a dog, or a bird. Or she will "send a cat by" for you, and you'll "know it's her". All seems fine, but...after the euthanasia, what about your day-to-day life? If a stray cat wanders by, is that Princess? If your neighbor suddenly tells you that her dog is about to give birth, is this a "sign"?
When is it "too late" for Princess to take a new body? What if you aren't sure you want another dog, cat, bird or pet at all? Do you keep Princess' same toys? Bed? Cat food? What will she be like? Should you call her Princess, or - ?
Is this even for real!?
Yes, it's for real and it happens all the time, but rather randomly. It's not generally structured or monitored, and no, chances are you won't trust your instincts well enough to know what to do. There is no guarantee that your pet will come back to you if they are uncertain about things. Princess may not even know what to do, whether the time is right for you, whether you still want her, what effects seeing her old toys may have on her, etc.
We will address if necessary any and all of the above as well as their preferences as to species, breed and coloring, and your lifestyle and preferences. Ways to get this "exact" animal with the age range necessary for success are discussed (I personally will not participate in kicking another being out of their body). Perhaps there is a kitten waiting right around the corner for you and you can't wait - but Princess wants to be a dog. Perhaps you wish to wait 4 months until you're done changing jobs and relocating. All this needs to be taken into account.
There is an exact way to "take in" your "new" pet, too. Certain subjects need to be carefully avoided (vocally and in your thoughts). There is no "Fifi! You don't like Iams? Princess loved it!". There is an indoctrination which must occur - this is a new body for them and is fresh, ailment-free, has new and strong sensations, its own taste preferences, etc. They also need to be able to forget or remember as they so choose, learn potty training and tricks once again, tour their "new" home and generally be the New Baby.
She is Fifi, not Princess.
Most owners instinctly sense this but need a little help in the area. I've just talked to enough animal beings to know the effects created if this is not implemented at the outset.
I will see them through their assumption of the new body and their initial settling-in period (such as their first night home). This can be right after their passing, or you can take the time you need and then get back to me and we'll do the Transitional Service when you're ready. when you're ready.
NOTE: Also, do not expect them to have the "same personality" or to automaticaly get along with the same household pets they knew before. Sometimes they're a little bit touchy about being the "newbie" once again and the others are a little bit touchy about the "new pet" showing up etc. It takes time. Sometimes.
Occasionally the pet will come up with a name for himself in his new (upcoming) body (lifetime) which carries a bit of a tribute to his just-finished lifetime. I do NOT advise this coming from the pet owner (or the suggestion of it had better be reeeeal "light" but if the animal comes up with it, so be it, as long as it's a clean decision, he's all morose and glomm-y sentimental about it. A head-held-high tribute "vibe" is great!
Actual examples that the pets themselves came up with : Cassidy Quinn, a Ducorp's Cockatoo came up with Quinn "Baby" McFee  (he wanted the quotes for whatever reason, and didn't even have to be called Baby) and a passed over cat Goldman came up with Benny Goldman.
P.S. The above is not available nor does it apply to animal beings who would like to go on to being human beings. Once we've done the Pre- and/or Post- and if that comes up with them or during any of the time I'm dealing with them, we're done. I'm very protective of them on this point. (I don't mean just a stated intention like "That's what I wanna do!" or "That's what I'm going to do!" but more like they're going off to do that. They're pursuing it. They're saying a final good-bye to their owner and are going to (you get the idea...). Then, I figure, that's what they're doing, and that's the end of my connection with them. I am a Pet Communicator.

Example of Transitional in Testimonial form.
Will I see "signs" that it's the original Fifi?
This varies. Here is a real-life example of someone who IS seeing this (email excerpts used with her permission). Michael is the cat who passed over Sept 2009; Gino is a new addition to the household, male kitten.... same being. Backstory is not relevant; I am giving you what the owner observes. "They" refers to the fact that they got two kittens, Gino and another boy, Joey.
"They're growing fast. We marvel at how much Gino is like Michael - so many things: his attitude, they way he grooms himself - he licks really loudly and slurps a lot; it's kinda gross, just like Michael - how intensely he insists on his way, the way he lays on top of Joey (he used to do the same thing with Binky). It's a long list of stuff, more every day. Joey is learning to stand his own, otherwise Gino would completely run over him."  
Later she added, "I'm amazed at how much of Gino is Michael. Like the slurping thing. I would expect that to stay with the old Michael body. And maybe it's just coincidental, but none of the other cats do it, and Gino does it EXACTLY like Michael did - which is loud and gross. I mean, I'm sitting at my computer, writing, concentrating, and Gino gets real close and starts slurping loudly. And he won't stop and he won't go away. It's real distinctive.
Or how they cuddle - that's definitely a part of personality from my experience - something else I would expect to be tied to a particular body. But that's how I recognized Binky at first when he came back. Michael had this very distinctive way of completely overwhelming Binky. Binky would be curled up, peacefully asleep on a chair, and Michael would get up on the chair and crawl ON TOP of Binky and walk around in circles until he plopped down on top of Binky, completely smothering him. Binky would sort of wait for Michael to give him room to breathe, and then would have to push him off. Gino does that exact thing to Joey now. It's like the other cat is a just a pillow to adjust himself on. He doesn't just cuddle, he overwhelms."
"I just gave both of them their first pills (worming them). Joey took it pretty bravely, first shot. Gino, of course, took three times, and he's really upset right now. When I wormed him with liquid meds for roundworm, he literally staggered out of the room. Michael was like that with medicine too."
She ended the email saying there was more but she had to get back to what she'd been working on.
The list goes on and on with a few pet owners, things only they would notice. Some never mention a thing, and I don't just ask for it out of the blue. If it comes up as a subject, no problem.
In this person's case, she doesn't call Gino Michael, she doesn't dwell on it. This is NOT good for transitioned pets - you can imagine! One of her two kids wants to call him Michael and she has to work to stop that from going on; the other knows better and leaves it alone. But... from what I understand, with the one who keeps wanting to call him Michael, Gino acts a specific way to her as well, actions and reactions reserved just for that one person ("from before").
With others, I get no mention of it to me in emails or just the occasional. Again, I don't solicit it, but in any case, I do want you to know that it does go on, it does occur.. but with some, not all (or it goes unnoticed or it simply doesn't matter to them, which is also a safe approach). The Consults I do with the "new" Fifi are simply with Maxie. Their puppy they got a couple-a-months ago etc blah blah.. we do a Consult with HIM to go over house rules and what the "vet visit" tomorrow will be and Whatta GOOD BOY he is and so on. He's addressed as HIM, NOW.
Because that's who he is.
Example of a Transition (Testimonial)

Why do they sometimes think they're dead when they're not? Alive when they're not? 
It's more like they assume, or they conclude, this. They don't lie, really - they just don't know in some cases.
Sometimes it's simply a matter of them not knowing what hit them. Literally. A hard-hitting example was a lost pet (one of the reasons I no longer do "lost pets" by the way); she had been gone a week. I got in comm with her and she recalled distinctly trotting down the side of the windy moutainous shoulderless hill-side road, and visiting various houses along the way, working her way through the forest la-de-dah. We kept checking on her and the sites she'd seen. Then one day someone read one of the flyers and contacted the owner and told them how he had hit their dog with his truck and so on, anyway, it was confirmed that she was dead and had been since the first evening she had left. I had to gently get concept across to her. She was like..Huh? At first it was like, okay..... so .. what does that mean? Nothing had changed for her, far as she knew! She was still "alive and well"! We went over the basic concepts again. She was like...Oh. She did then recall something about some sort of impact which did not hurt, she had been happily trotting along the side of the road, heard an engine, this did not spook her, she was in a Great Mood! and some sort of "bam" and she was "out" and then kind of, well, the equivalent of almost comically "shaking herself off" and continued on as though nothing had happened. Except this part was in her mind. She had the sensations (of walking and so on) all intact, mentally (not dissimilar to an amputee's "arm" itching). NO this is not the case with all of them! but it does happen, and does contribute to them thinking they're  alive when they're not, depending.    (Plus on the "alive when they're not", you've got the added factor of them being a living being.) Also, they've got the same array of confused ideas as we. You're assuming they're "in Heaven" or "at The Bridge" ("RaInbow Bridge") or "with angels" or "with your deceased dad" or "with Scruffy their passed over cat friend". Perhaps they are, or are not. Perhaps "being in Heaven" for them is hanging out at the top of a tree they could never access before. But your concept of Heaven and their reality of Heaven would then differ, right? I had a client upset because her passed over dog cheerfully reported that she was now happiily a similar type male dog in another state. The client said You can't believe in reincarnation and also in the Bible!! and was quite upset. I'm no theologian and told her so. That's what the dog told me, so that's what I passed along. I did recall that on occasion, if a passed over pet had mentioned the idea of being another animal, that pet's owner would comment, Oh! Well, I guess God (or Jesus) has more for them to do / has more work for them on Earth first / before calling them to Heaven / similar.  Over the years, quite a few folks have had that spontaneous comment. This was what was real for THEM. This one lady? Not so. She had a different upbringing or indoctrination or belief system.
And the pets, those beings, can pick up on your ideas, hear you talking about it, etc. They try to interact with you, can't. They try to tell you that they're in the spare bedroom by the left corner of the bed looking out the window, or, they're by your right cheek trying to warm it up so you feel the sensation. They try to send you their questions about What happened to them!?, perhaps. They go more and more into despair, figuring, well, where, who or what are they, then? since they're obviously not "dead" since you have the above-definitions of "dead" (and being ever-obedient, they go by what you think) and since that does not apply to them, so they must not be dead, (THINK 5 year old child mentality.).
This is by the way part of why I fell into specializing in Passed Over Consults: I am HAPPY to just let them be who they are, have whatever reality THEY have about things, etc. NO pre-ordained ideas about things. I do not project "Julie-ology" onto them or anyone else's "-ologies". They are as they are and are allowed to be as they are. If they are hanging out in a bush staring at a river, that's what they're doing. If they're up in the clouds - literally - with other beings doing performances with a top hat on, that's what they're doing. And more power to 'em! Just - whatever they say is fine with me, and this is very comfortable (and comforting) to them.

Why do you ask so many questions? 
How do I feel about being Tested?
with a note on Past Lives
You'll find both of these questions covered here.
Why do I ask so many questions? Good question, and one which seems seems to be coming up a lot these days.
Let me first address that fact unto itself. Why is this coming up so much?
Some people do training seminars to become Animal Communicators. I found out from someone who trained in a seminar that students are told NOT to accept any information from the owners before the communication. This is the way it is taught. All they are supposed to ask the owner is owner's name, what kind of animal it is, it's name, gender, age, and description or picture. Then what the questions are - that's it. The teacher said that makes for a better communication, and that's the way they all do it. This is actually straight from her email to me.
There has been a surge or resurgence of people's awareness of the fact that Animal Communication can and does occur. This was actually for the most part brought about a few years ago, interestingly enough, by the popularity and exposure of the Animal Planet show Sonya Fitzpatrick's The Pet Psychic. Once that was in full swing, I discovered that if you typed Pet Psychic into a search engine, you would get upwards of 98,000 internet links! To date there is a lot of "pet psychic-ing going on, a lot of training, "whisperers" and know-it-all's and good ones and bad ones and a lot of ideas being broadly disseminated around as "the" way to do it.
Why do I want details? I have written a few examples of this in various places on my site, but basically, I find that the more information I have going in, the more in-depth answers I can get for you. That's just who I am, my "vibe" and particular rapport with animals. Nay-sayers can call it a limitation and admirers can call it a skill (and I actually could actually care less either way, if you take it in the way I mean that). My concern is your pet and their opportunity to fully say what they want to say and from any angle that comes up as relevant. This is not a bunch of fluff - those who have used me know that this is very, very true.
So please do bother to mention that you split up with your girlfriend two days before Princess got very "inexplicably" moody and started peeing all over the apartment three months ago. It's not your "personal life" I'm interested in, it's what's influencing your pet. They may not make the connection, same as us. I don't evaluate for them and tell them what to think and so on, but having an arsenal of concepts relevant to their lives makes for some good suggestions and guiding along.
Don't "forget" to tell me your pet's age when they passed over and then when we contact them, out of the blue, say to me, "Ask the how old they were when they died" because you don't "believe" in Aunt Julie. From their end, they'll be like....huh?! Why is Mommy asking me how old I was when I died? and they'll clam right up.
Received the other day: "Julie is unbelievable - things only my dog could know!!!" As they say on commercials, Results May Vary...but this is pretty routine.
Now, I respect all who can communicate with "The Silent Majority" and realize that in this world, many are all struggling to find their own in a rather "random" field, as it were. I am in awe of those who can do what I cannot do, just as I receive emails routinely from animal owners as well as fellow Animal Communicators who "are in awe" of how I could do what they could not. Yet it isn't about the awe and accolades - it's about hearing the animals and talking with them, comfortably and with a good, in-depth understanding of their own private world. Often they don't offer up what they are not asked, if for no other reason, it wouldn't occur to them!
Recieved the other day: "I have used a few animal communicators before I found Julie. The other ones were good, but I found something exceptionally special about my consults with Julie."
As a drill, observe people talking sometime, like teens in a mall. Just - talking about something. What "opens them up" on a subject? Gets them to laugh? When made uncomfortable, what happens right after that - does the subject get dropped? Evaded? Listen to how questions get reworded when an answer is sought.
I work to comfortably converse with your pet because I'm talking with someone ~ plain and simple. It's just a conversation with a being. The fact that it's a "cosmic" experience, paranormal, incredible, miraculous and all that is yes, acknowledged here (ok, that's done with! J When I'm doing a Consultation, though, how it is that I can do it, and what it all means to someone else, and the price of tea in China are likewise left outside a closed door. My attention is on your beloved animal friend, and I'm all devotion, love and ears for them. This is their time.
Being very protective of animals' emotional well being, I jealously guard my field in my own little quiet unspoken way - by just doing Animal Communication as cleanly, clearly, systematically and uncompromisingly as possible, using my own pesonal strong standards. However someone else does it is fine with me. One meditates, another uses a candle, another a spirit guide, another something else. Some do not want details, some do. As long as the net result is the same (communication being achieved) then they will have performed for you what you needed with your pet. I only ask of any owner and Animal Communicator regardless of indoctrimation the following: for the animal's sake, afford them the same dignity and careful "ear" as you would your friend, partner, lover, guy up the street who pumps gas, neighbor, child, yourself!
I'll admit I do get a little "crusade-ish" and protective about animals. they are "The Silent Majority". I hate to see them treated like objects or pawns in someone's "testing" game which leads me to my other favorite soap box: Testing.
Someone considering using me recently who read my site and emailed, sounding disappointed and skeptical, "I was hoping you would meet the animal and without any info about her except name you would be able to tell me about her past and what happened to her." Why? What does that have to do with her pet? Needless to say, she didn't use Aunt Julie, but I tried to explain the above and also guide her to someone else with whom she might be more comfortable with because they wouldn't want to know too much about her pet.  
Another commented after buying the Consultation, in response to some clarification I wanted on some points, "Wow you ask so much..." but answered my questions.  Comments after the Consultation included "There is no way in hell you could have known that I call him (XXX) and that's what he calls himself also unless he told you" and "Boy you're awesome".
CLASSIC: Asked if I could tell her what her passed-over dog's favorite toy looked like, before she would use me. This one was a trip! "Susie" and I had been corresponding a bit via email a bit already. I'm at my computer one day working on some graphics work, not thinking anything about any pets. Out of the blue, I got this wild flash of - something. I recall this distinctly. Something startled me but made me feel real good, bright. I thought, "Huh! Well I'm in a good mood all of a sudden!", smiled and went back to work. (OK, yes, I actually thought that :-)  About 3 hours later this girl emails me, telling me that she had told her (passed over) pet to send me a picture of their favorite toy and if I could describe this, she'd feel more comfortable about using me. Although I don't normally do this, I figured "just this once". I contacted the pet (this being the first time) and asked what their favorite toy had looked like when they had been Susie's dog. I got a little bit of: being startled by this odd, lone question, and some mild upset and confusion as to why this would be all that Susie might want to say after all this time (as you can imagine, and if you can't, please re-read all of the above pertaining to the fact that I'm talking to an animal being).
I read her email and fished about for the picutre. There was this lone picture of a toy just kind of floating around for view. It was hard to view and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't "get" it. Then the penny dropped - Susie had sent out her request hours ealier, the being had responded immediately, sent the picture my way (that's when I had that Huh? reaction); and it had just been kind of sitting there. I needed to have some real communication with this being. I needed to talk to them a bit.  In fact this being was holding back, detached, not wanting to tune in really at all.
What to say? Susie had put out her request, her former pet had done what she asked, and nothing happened for hours (no acknowledgement from me or Susie that I had seen this picture, gotten her communication, no Thank You). It came off as being actually quite rude, and it stung a bit. So I introduced myself, didn't bother to mention that I was being "tested" as this would have added further upset, patched the mild upset up (which I don't mind mentioning took some compassion and finesse, since I had been put in the position of being the rude one!) and the picture was clarified and renewed. I got the description. I emailed Susie and described what I saw. I bit my tongue on all of the rest...
She mailed back. I was "awesome"! She was convinced!! She volunteered details about the toy confirming what I had viewed, and the floor beneath which I had also described.
Never heard from her again.
(And probably neither did her passed-over pet, either.)
I think you get the idea.
So how does Aunt Julie feel about "Testing"?
In order of importance (Animals Always Come First!):
I have not yet come across a pet that does not get offended by my "testing" them er uh I mean by my being tested (as that's how they invariably take it). So...No.
I don't need to be tested. If I didn't get it from them, they didn't tell it to me.
If I didn't "interpret it" correctly, talk to me and I'll get it clairfied.
If you don't like their answer, I don't know you well enough to predict what you have apparently decided the animal was supposed to say. Animal communication is a loving and wonderful thing. It's also about your pet and their "take" on things.
I don't need to prove anything to anyone. I actually don't, believe it or not.
Somebody has to trust someone sometime.
I'm a lot nicer than perhaps all of that just sounded J.The above just needs to be understood as I'm very protective of an animals' feelings, just as you are. That's why I caught the nickname "Aunt" Julie!
So...No. I don't "do" testing. And I do ask for details.
This Testimonial may help for the genuinely interested.
Note about Past Lives: I will NOT be on my own or by your request asking your pet about their Past Lives, earlier bodies, earlier existences, have they known you (or vice versa). If they volunteer something it is of course treated the same by me as any other communication and I don't bat an eye. (Example: Fido is telling me about how he likes cats and there was this one time he was a kitty back in 1963 and the whole household suddenly got upset about something on the "news" and what was that all about??) But it will not come from me. The reason is that this can be quite upsetting, evaluative, and can in fact spin them. I've had "earlier humans", ealier other species, former suicides, you name it. So I don't ask, though they are free to bring anything up at ALL they so wish. They are always made aware that any- and everything they say is important to me.
Further, this is regardless of any other dealings with anyone else where "it already came up and was fine". It's just too risky and I'm more interested in your animal being's mental health and well-being than in performing any peforming parlor tricks (or even the most well-intentioned questions).  
So just don't ask.
Feel free to mention someting about it which you may wish to say if you feel it is truly important. I am here for you, as well! Just skip the "Well one time we consulted a psychic who told me that I was married to Rover in 1704!" That's nice, but I'm not going to bring it up for "verification" or your titillation.
If it has come up in the past and you really consider it to be a factor for some reason in current events, you can bring it up with me. If I don't hear that that psychic also told you and Rover that that's "why he now barks all the time", forget it. And the only reason I would bring that up to them would be because it may now need to be addressed just in case it's wrong (as it often is) and they've ben waiting around with that hanging over their heads ever since the psychic told them that that was why they bark. And still I wouldn't ask them point blank about it as in: "Were you really married to Mommy in 1704?". It'll be just be mentioned that Mommy told me that this had been said and since she's a bit unhappy about the barking still going on in the household, she's been wondering about that or any other reason Rover has to offer about the barking because she wants the barking problem resolved...and if Rover has any comment on the 1704 time period, trust me, he will say so.

Why is it helpful for me to send you a picture of my pet? 
Please refer to Picture of Animal link.

What can I expect from a Pet Consultation? 
I review what you have emailed me, and have your baby's picture handy. I locate the animal, make a stable connection with him and establish who I am and why I'm "tapping on their door". We get started and the first few minutes are a bit of orientation to who I am, why I am contacting them, and with a few of them, a bit of work to "wake them up" as it were as sometimes they have been just hanging out stuck in the death incident or drugs-from the-death influence.
Usually they want to talk-talk-talk. This could be venting, exclaiming how wonderful it is to hear Mommy's voice, talking about what they've been up to - whatever. They go on and on and it's pretty fast paced. Once through that, things get a bit more...question and answer.
If it seems bit disjointed, think "thought processes" and it tracks easier. We are tapping directly into someone's mind while simultaneously conversing with them.
The sense of "speaking" fluctuates from child-like to very wise and aged - same pet. They'll say the deepest philosophical statement and then the next thing out of their mouth is "but wanned Mommy take toy mall" which means that the time you took your daughter to the mall to run in and shop while you waitied with Proodles out in the car, Proodles wanted that favorite toy in the car with her! Don't worry, I translate it all. Just don't be thrown by it. Happens all the time.
Sometimes the pet uses profanity.  I only censor on the phone for propriety's sake; if you don't care, I don't care and simply pass along what they say. It's all the same to me, "offensive" or not - it's simply what this being wishes to say, and how they wish to voice it.
Sometimes during a Consultation he lashes out about something.  He may be upset you for something you didn't even know about! "Didn't Mommy know that the bad man yelled at me!?" Hang in there. We get through it all. I don't like to end off any Consultation without the animal being fine, and being fine on the fact that it's ending. In fact, when they're really blown out, they sometimes will end it themselves to go enjoy themselves with a sudden BIG BRIGHT SMILE emotion and a quick "Bye!" to me.
They on their own censor "intimate" images - they always do, and they are aware as well that I do not wish to see anything which, well, their owner would not want me to see. The respect for privacy is dignity runs deep in your pet. So if any sensitive subjects are discussed with them, no worries on that.
Pets volunteer all sorts of things during Consultations and generally only "clam up" if something is touchy or seems controversial in their estimation.
Remember, a real, actual Pet Communication is NOT about whether or not they preferred Alpo or Iams. It's about who they are and what they're about...or AUNT JULIE didn't do it!

A real, actual Pet Communication is NOT about whether or not they preferred Alpo or Iams. It's about who they are and what they're about...or AUNT JULIE didn't do it!
What is your highest concern or main focus when doing a Pet Consultation?
That your pet feels it is safe to communicate to me. It is, but they need to know this, feel this, believe this and trust this implicitly.
I protect this like a mother hawk. Don't mess with my bay-bees!
Rather, what do I expect from you, the "owner", the"client"?
1. Listen to what they said. Really, really GET it. They meant it, or they would not have mentioned it. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Passed Over pets who do not hav to mince words, nor are they concerned about day-to-day ramifications such as the flavor of their food.
Ask me for clarification if you don't get the gist of something.
2. Try not to nit-pick every single thing they have said. What's real for them is what's real for them. Who cares if you remember their favorite toy as blue and they remember it as red? For all we know, something red was their favorite "toy" and you were unaware of that fact. Which brings to mind a BIG misconception: What you think was their "favorite toy", ain't. Well, a lot of the time, anyway. Yes, they loved this toy and played with it all the time, but that does NOT mean it was their favorite toy. You'd be surprised. Often they go a bit blank when asked by me what their favorite toy is, and wonder which one they're "supposed" to say it is or was. It's simply no different than one decides that your favorite TV show is NYPD Blue because they happen to know that you never miss an episode, but to you, it's The Nanny and you have to work to catch the re-runs when on. Or you have no "favorite" show but one could consider that you did as, again, they know that you always tune in some particular show.
Also, sometimes you will ask about an issue. By the time we're done talking,  pet will have covered it and changed their mind or feel's it's a dead subject, but it may not have gone the way you expected. If it's genuinely not important, don't beat it to death. When it's done for them, it's done. They are generally willing to go over it again because that's what you wanted ~ they really are! But I try not to dredge up things unnecessarily. (You'll get a better feel for this as the Consultation progresses along.)
With Passed Over Pets, this may feel like it'll be "the last time" and you are thinking now that you will be frantic to have everything "perfect". Just approach the Consultation with ease and see how it pans out.
3. Get in comm with me right away if something seems "off". Something was misinterpreted from the Consultation. I have no problem clearing things up and often can quickly "flesh out" the concept which was given to me at the time of the Consultation.

If I write up a "Testimonial" or Success Story, is my personal info private?
Of course! Your info's no more anyone else's business than the earlier customers' were your business when you read their Testimonials! If you want to use your full name, you're of course welcome to, but that's your call. I post in the fashion they come in:  J.R. in Topeka, Carrie R in Florida, type of thing.
How can I get my pet's picture up on your site?
Mommy wrote a Testimonial about my talk with Aunt Julie! - Muffin

Who is Fox Mulder Rich?
He's my dog and the mascot of my site. There is a picture of him in the frame to the left. He looks like a fox and when I got him, I was in the throes of the winding-down seasons of the X-Files TV show (for those who didn't follow it, the male character on the show, played by David Duchovny, was named Fox Mulder). What can I say? Yeah, he's the love of my life.
More importantly, Fox is also a great source of occasional examples of Pet Communication, for this site and during the occasional talk you and I might have about Animal Communication matters. Sometimes Fox is just a great real-life example of some concept I'm trying to get across.
The new addition to the family is my domestic short-haired cat Daniel, birthday Sept 8, 2003. I adopted him from the Humane Society as a Thanksgiving present to Fox. While the "kitten room" of the Humane Society, I watched this particular kitten size up our family very carefully. The humans took 3-4 minutes, the dog a few minutes longer (we brought Fox along to pick his new brother). I could see Kitty busily observing, watching, thinking. Then it was Um Hmm and when we took him out, we decided in short order that he was the one. He endeared not only us but Fox to him. Fox, trying to be all "cool" and aloof, was helpless - he knew who his "little brother" was. He agreed that this was the one, and home he came.
Danny keeps us on our toes by making sure that he's a kind, patient and wise soul, coming by to help when things aren't perfect, snuggling and kissing just because, this type of thing - and also being a complete holy terror of whirlwind fun. Do cats fly? I do think so right around now...he's Mister Non-Stop Action!
He has brought such joy to the household that it's hard to imagine life before he was here.
Here's a pic....  
Daniel "Danny" or "Danny Doodle" Rich

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