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If you are satisfied with my services, please take the time to write something for my site.
This is an awkward but important request.
Writing a Testimonial is an important part of the process for many. When they go to "put the pen to paper", they reflect on what has really happened and the impact it has had in their life. It also gives them the opportunity to share with others the unique experience of Animal Communication and pass along this little gem to those who may not have had this experience. What you write - and even that you wrote it - can make or break whether or not someone else takes advantage of these services and benefits from this opportunity to reconnect with their beloved animal companion. Remember, in most cases, someone only used my services because they read the Testimonials already posted (or were referred by another...but then they probably read the Testimonials too!)

Unsure what to write, or how to best communicate what happened?
See my little write-up at the bottom of the page..

We have a multi-pet household. in May 2006 our household consisted of 4 Yorkshire Terriers (two 12+ year-olds and two 10+ year-olds); and two kitties (2 years old). We have been communicating with Aunt Julie since the winter of 2003 and during that time we have learned many things about our precious babies.
In the Fall of 2004 we lost 4 of our babies, and have enjoyed the wonderment of communicating with those that have left us and those still with us. Our two 12+ babies (Nicky and Casey) were both very sick for a long time.....One had a form of IBS that caused him to be sick for well over a year and the other had cancer and survived both surgery and chemotherapy treatment. They were able to tell us how they felt and what they were experiencing medically and emotionally. Our household became stronger and more loving as we tended to the "sicker babies"....the others (including kitties) rallied around and offered support and extra love.
When there was nothing else we or the vet could do for our babies they were able to tell us how and when they wanted to leave this earth. They were also able to tell us how happy they were to have made it to the "other side" and to have left their failing bodies behind. Nicky died in May and Casey died in July. Our household misses them terribly and we are still grieving their loss.
Our babies have told us that they wanted new "babies" added to the household to help ease their pain (and they wanted healthy babies!) At the beginning of August we welcomed two new 10 week old babies into our home and our hearts. We would never have been able to accomplish these feats without the wonderful, loving communication that Aunt Julie has provided to us.
Thank you for all your love and caring,
~ Terry and Gary and all the babies in VA, 8/06

I am at peace with the loss of Rumor, I know his life was full of love and I did my best for him. I know he is watching down on me and sending his never ending strength to survive. My unending thanks to IMOM, Celia, and Aunt Julie for all you have done.
~ Cathy V. in GA, 6/05

I had to write up a thank you and commendation for Julie Rich on her special ability and talent of superior communication with animals.
My daughter's cat, a yellow Ocicat named Thomas James, acquired a blood clot in the brain, and was dying. My daughter Becky has had other losses of beloved cats, and another one was going to be really hard to take.
Becky, Thomas, and I got together with Aunt Julie to find out what Thomas James had to say about the tragedy.
Well, he had plenty to say. He told us how much he thought of Mama (Becky) and Mama Kathy (me), and how much he loved being part of our family. He mentioned things like loving music, loving listening to my piano playing, and how to him, Beethoven was "the god" (of musicians). He got started talking about his favorite Past Life when he was an artist named Francis---"but you can call me Frank! "--- in Arizona, and about his Indian friends who were also artists.
He told us he was indeed dying, and that he wanted to be put to sleep with dignity by a Vet in their office. He said that yes, he would like to be buried out in our back yard where the other cats were buried, and described the cloth he would like wrapped around him, and lowered gently into the dirt, and covered with leaves.  He said that he would like to come back as a person, but that he WOULD come back again as a cat for Becky if she really wanted him to.
So we took him to the Vet's, and they performed that very peaceful, easy death that they do---it is so neat, they give the animal a shot and the animal just relaxes, and it's all over in a few seconds, and it is painless and absolutely easy and no upset for the animal.
And we buried him in the back yard, Becky followed all his wishes to the letter, and lowered his little body into the ground and covered the hole with leaves on top of the dirt, and I read a section of a lovely funeral service our Church uses.
And here's the outcome: because she got so thoroughly what he was thinking, and saying, and what he wanted, and his love for her, she got a thorough reality on the fact that here was a SPIRIT, and past lives, and living again, and the data made a huge difference in her acceptance of his dying, and her losing him. She in the past had felt so badly that she had gone on drinking binges to handle her turmoil. This time, because of Aunt Julie's help, she QUIT DRINKING ENTIRELY, and has not drank since.  In addition, Becky is fine with his coming back as a human being instead of another cat.
THIS is what knowing what your beloved pet is thinking and feeling, having the data, can do for a person!
Our huge and heartfelt thanks to wonderful Julie Rich for sharing her talent and love for animals with us!
Much much love,
Kathy Roberts, FL ~ 25 Feb 2004
Aunt Julie's note - I had no idea that Kathy's daughter had been an alcoholic for years. Kathy mentioned this to me a few days after the Consultation as she wanted me to know that Becky had not had a drink, weeks later, she still has not had a drink...Talk about more than one life enriched by Pet Communication!

 I don't really know how to start this.
I guess it is best to start from the beginning.
I got Pugsly when she was 2 months old she weighed all of 5 lbs she was so small but with a HUGE personality. I fell in love with her at first sight. I got her from a pet store and when they let me sit with her in the little area they have, she just kept running around in circles but then she would come back and jump on my lap. She was so full of energy and so much fun. Pugsly was my first dog and she quickly became my best friend and companion she followed me everywhere and I mean everywhere, I don't think I have gone to the bathroom by myself in 4 years LOL. We had a VERY strong bond. She would lay on the couch and when my husband would come in the room she would raise her eyes and that was it. When I came in the room she would jump up and run to me like I have been gone for years. It was not like she did not like my husband, it was just that she was so closely bonded with me. I am on the computer a lot so she would sit on a stool with a pillow on top and sit there next to me all day.
In 2001 I became disabled and I have been home 24/7 with her so our bond became even stronger if you can even imagine that. Anyway on March 2nd I found a small lump in her neck I called the vet and we were there within 15 minutes. The vet said that it might be cancer and I started to cry. They aspirated the lump and took some blood I was told I would get the results in a few days but I got a phone call the next day. It was cancer Lymphoma to be exact. They could not operate; I could try chemo. The chemo might give me another couple of months or a year but no matter what the cancer would be back. I chose to let her live her life out without chemo. So I started her on Prednizone and the tumor shrunk to nothing so I asked for a biopsy to make sure they did not make a mistake; I believed in my heart that they made a mistake so when I got the call the next day saying it was cancer and it was highly malignant. That is when I started thinking about finding a psychic to talk to her for me, So I went on eBay and got someone else who was TERRIBLE and knew nothing, Then I saw Julie's link and I decided to try again. That was the best decision I have ever made. Julie is amazing to say the least. After speaking with her a number of times I felt so much better.
I spoke with Julie the first time and Pugsly had so much to say. She knew she was sick she was not in pain. She loved me and thought I was pretty. She told me to stop yelling at Molly (my German Shepard) LOL. I used to yell at Molly for playing to rough with Molly but obviously it was not too rough because Pugsly wanted me to stop yelling at Molly LOL. I felt so much better after talking with Pugsly. Julie talked to me for an hour and 1/2. My most important question to Pugsly was if the time came that I had to help her to the other side did she want me to hold her. She said Yes and she wanted it to happen in my bed. But my vet does not come to the home so Julie explained that to Pugsly and she was okay with it. Pugsly had a certain way that she wanted it done she wanted me to hold her and rub the top of her head and she wanted my husband there but he had to kiss her forehead and say he loved her. LOL. I promised her I would do all of that for her. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my chest after that talk. Julie told me to call her anytime, and I did.
Pugsly was doing quite well. When I woke up on Friday May 27th I could see that Pugsly was having a tremendous amount of trouble breathing I took her to the vet and they gave her a shot to help her but basically I knew it was time to help her to the other side. My husband was at work and there was no way I could do this on my own so I took Pugsly home and told the vet I would be back in the morning. I spent that day and night with Pugsly I never slept that night. I was afraid if I went to sleep she would die and Pugsly's biggest fear was dying alone. I stayed by her side the whole time. That last day was so precious to me, I used that time to say goodbye to my baby girl.
When I got home I called Julie because Pugsly would sleep for a while and then get up and eat and play for a while so I was so confused as to what to do. I wanted to know how Pugsly was feeling. So I called Julie and she was busy but she called me right back and she helped me connect with my baby. She told me that Pugsly was already out of her body and she was on my left side by my chin and neck she said it was hard to explain but I knew exactly what she meant because every night Pugsly would come into the den with me while I was on the computer she would sleep. When it was time for bed I would pick her up and she would lay her head on my shoulder on the left side she would actually turn her head to the side just like a baby and she would lay there for about 5 minutes every night. Pugsly loved to touch ME but hated to be held. So it was very strange that she let me do that every night so when Julie told me that I felt so relived and happy. Pugsly helped me make the decision she said she understood. I was so afraid to make this decision I wanted to do the right thing for my baby. I knew I could not keep her around just for my own selfishness, But I did not want to let her go either, I think I called Julie about 3 or 4 times between Friday and Saturday, and Julie dropped what she was doing every time. She really is an amazing women.
After I put Pugsly down I called Julie to make sure that she was okay. that was the hardest call to make. Turns out that she was okay just a little afraid of the cremation so I had to explain to her that Mommy did what I did so she would not hurt anymore and Mommy would NEVER let her feel pain. She felt much better after that. I feel like I have a very deep spiritual connection with Pugsly and I would not feel this if it was not for Julie.
I have a German Shepard named Molly who has been having a rough time without Pugsly and it turns out that she is upset because she knew that Pugsly was my best friend and she figured that now that Pugsly is gone she would be my best friend but she says that she is not. That Pugsly still is and she wants to know why I love Pugsly more what does Pugsly have that she does not have. So I have been spending a lot more time with Molly and telling her how much I love her and that she is my best friend because humans have more than one best friend. Thank god for Julie and her ability to talk to my babies because she can talk to them I am now able to work on my relationship with Molly. I can work on problems that I never would of knew were there. I can see a physical difference in Molly since I have talked to Julie. She is happier and she is more playful.
I fell much more peaceful than I ever would if I had not gotten in touch with Julie. She made this whole terrible experience in my life not so terrible. She helped make it spiritual. Words cannot express how much she has helped me.
~ Patti M, NY

On Jan. 16, 2003 my sweet, beautiful KadyeLynn died in my arms. She had just turned 3 last September. She was a gorgeous black and white basset hound and weighed 70lbs. The vet said it was an Ilius. Part of her large intestine had died and poisoned her within 24 hours. There was nothing he could do. Being a novice Animal Communicator I tried to connect with her and all I could get was the feeling of confusion. I contacted my teacher in SC and Kadye told her she was coming back as a puppy in the next litter at the same place she came from the first time. The next litter was born a week and a half later. I drove 1200 miles one way to see her. It was her. So tiny and red and white this time. Well, 3 weeks later, the pups were killed by a weenie dog. I was crushed. A friend of mine that does communications too, suggested that I call on Julie. I knew Kadye was in trouble and needed more help than I could ever give her. After looking at Julie's website, I decided to give it a try. It was no doubt the best decision I ever made - bar none. She got in touch with Kadye and found out that my little girl was so sick that when I took her to the vet when she got sick that day, she thought the shot he gave her, killed her. She blamed me for the pups getting killed. It was awful. Auntie Julie told my little girl the way that it really happened and that she didn't die at the vet's office and that the shot was medicine for her tummy. It was just time for that body to go. When Kadye realized that her worst fears were not true, she was free. So free in fact that she decided to come back in human form and "save all beings on earth." She had seen the war on a TV that was on and made the instant choice to take a baby boy's body in Los Angeles. She had to go fast but wanted to tell me goodbye, so Julie called me on the phone and I actually got to speak with Kadye, through Julie. It was amazing. Kadye sent her Daddy a message and she described him to Julie to a tee. She and her Daddy had a very special love for each other. The next two days were hell. I knew where Kadye was but she was not coming back to me. I gave her my love and blessings and now I know how hard it is to watch children leave home. I had to have some counseling and Julie took care of that for me. She saved my KadyeLynn and me and I am forever grateful. I will never forget this war for a very different reason that everyone else has. My little soldier was born again on March 20, 2003. I am sure that she (he) will save the world in some way. Thank you Julie for bringing peace to us both.
Love and prayers,
Diane and the hounds in VA
"Please don't forget to put my full name at the bottom and my email if someone wants to ask me about you. I went back and read my words again and there is no way that they can get across the miracles that you work with these precious innocent souls that need us so much. You are my hero and I intend to tell the world about you." ~ Diane Weatherford

My niece's dog Cocoa was put to sleep recently because of medical reasons and I asked Aunt Julie if Cocoa was angry at my niece? Aunt Julie told me Cocoa didn't like the twisting but she didn't have pain anymore and was glad.
What I didn't tell Aunt Julie was that Cocoa had twisted away when the nurse tried to give her the shot. And I also didn't tell her she was put to sleep. Aunt Julie was able to tell me things about Cocoa so I could relieve my niece of her anxiety. My niece was against putting Cocoa to sleep but it had to be done. I thank Aunt Julie for helping us.
- Lori in Florida

Over the years, I tried many animal communicators, and was happy when I finally found Aunt Julie. I used to talk to my now crossed-over babies, Zua and Austin, all the time through Aunt Julie. I had them for many, many years, and they were the apples of my eye. When they passed, which was about a month apart, my heart literally broke. Aunt Julie helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life--she made it easier, and gave me great peace.
About a year before they passed, I got another Standard Poodle, Lizzie. Lizzie was very attached to them, especially Zua. After the boys crossed over, Lizzie became very sad. Talking to her with Aunt Julie lifted that and helped us both through a very hard time.
NB ~ Ann Arbor, MI

Losing a pet is - well, there are no words.
When it was time for my friend and peer Lois to help her 17 year old beloved sweetheart Beag along, I consulted with Beag to see what ideas, questions, fears and requests she had on the matter. She really liked this! I got an actual list of "specifics" from Beag and passed these along to Lois and her husband Bob. They had some feedback on this which I bounced off of Beag. All was worked out between them and the plan was set. When it was "time", Beag was quite ready, and Lois and Bob were as "ready" as any one of us can humanly be...
What Beag had to say about things after the fact:
I have checked on Beag and she is right now quite blissfully happy to not only have been reunited with special Max, but moreso that Mommy and Daddy handled things just as she wanted them to ~ she had special requests, and they respected how she felt, and the things they wanted, she respected. It could not have been handled better, she says. (!!!)
And they were brave and supportive and she is so proud of them. She is slightly amused by the idea that one might think it could only be the other way around!
She wants us to know that what happened at the vet's was not unpleasant and what fears she had were quickly seen to be not justified.
Her love and warmth is abounding and she is enjoying her new-found freedoms. She feels special, to have been the "darling little girl" of such special  parents and says, THANK YOU, Mommy and Daddy, for letting me live and for giving me love and for helping me end that phase of my life comfortably - not all animals get to have such a special life.
What Lois and Bob had to say:
We are doing OK about Beag. We're at the point where we have accepted that she is no longer here in body, but is in spirit. And that we DID do the right thing for HER. So it doesn't hurt as bad as it did.
I don't know how to thank you.
Much love,

This one is a bit hard hitting. It also may come off as a bit emotionless...suffice it to say it was not, for me or anyone involved. I just have to be able to write what occurred...
Sometimes we know in advance when our pet is going to pass over, such as a terminal or severe illness, injury, or they are getting on in years and we wish to plan the event in advance. When a pet is Passed Over already, they can be contacted in order to reconnect. Sometimes they wish to come back as their owner's pet once again.
My day to day Consultations often encompass any one or more of these three scenarios, so I came up with the Preparatory and Post Passing Over Service to encompass the first two and the Transitional Service for the last.
Trish was already a client with her dogs Chatty and Chessy, two stunning Weimeraners somewhat on in years (14) and staring down a few choices in their lives. Though originally separately acquired, they considered themselves brother and sister, and were truly and deeply bonded. Mommy had some life changes to implement and really wanted to know how they felt about things, being circumstantially the primary decision-maker in their life. Part of the concerns included physical ailments issues and ultimately we sorted out their preferences in the matter of their future Passing Over. It was generally assumed that Chessy would pass on first, based on his deteriorated physical condition. It was possible that he could go at any time. If so, what would happen with Chatty? Should she go on to die a natural death, or be euthanised, or? What about vice versa? How would Mommy know the "right" time? All points were covered as thoroughly as we could, and agreements were finally comfortably made.
Time passed and then I heard from Trish again. Rather out of the blue, Chatty was not in good shape. The vet thought it was cancer; she did not have long to live. This changed things in a variety of ways and was a traumatic and scary turn of events. What to do?
Chatty was so weak she was out a lot of the time, was having a hard time walking and was indeed on a steady decline. She had a cracked front leg from the cancer already, and vomiting and diarrhea. She was on pain medication for her constant pain. Chessy himself had been ailing off and on for some time and had a life-threatening condtion as well.   
So Trish had contacted me right away and we delved into sorting things out.  
Suddenly the shoe was on the other foot for Chessy. If Chatty were to be put down, Chessy "had" to go. Hmmm. And when might this be? And how would it go? And were there alternatives? If Chatty went and he did not, his passing was inevitable (and probably imminent) from his age and ailments, but when? How would he make it without his beloved sister, especially all the time himself ailing?
Let alone how Mommy and Daddy would feel...
He, Chatty and Mommy all had their own points of view and concerns about these and many, many more facets of a complex picture. Emotions ran the full gamut. All were willing to have it either way for Chessy. In the course of sorting things out, Chatty said, <She is very very tired and queasy and the tiredness is deeper than the queasiness. The tiredness is a drugged feeling (like uncontrollable tiredness). All pervasive. Is looking forward to its relief/end. Is not scared. Kind of wishes it were already time as 'if this is it (concept: If this is what it's going to be being like from now on or primarily so), then let's just end it now'> Chessy knew he would continuously feel her around and then when he'd look for her, she wouldn't be "there" and would have a pitiful and mournful exisntence from that point on, a short life most likely, at that, with pain and ailing of his own. Trish would have his "life or death" continuously hanging over her head. The dogs were the final decision point and based on their input to Trish, it was finally genuinely agreed that they would indeed go together. We fully acknowledged Chessy for his bravery and love, and the two dogs had an even deeper and renewed sense of rapport. Trish wanted the vet to come to the house and do it outside on the chaise lounge by the pool. Her babies were agreeable to this and voiced how they would like it to be such as who was to be there with the vet (Mommy and Daddy only), Chatty wanted to make sure it was done while there was sunlight so that it wasn't "spooky" and wanted a toy there with her, a specific toy which we isolated based on her description. Chessy wanted a specific blanket. Chatty wanted all her toys thrown away unless, she volunteered, if Mommy wanted to keep one, she could, but to keep it up high in the closet. And yes, Chatty was to go first. She and her brother were to be touching - laying together side by side on the chair. Chessy was not that thrilled by that part as he was a bit more adverse to the "touching a dead body" angle of this than she (even if for only the time it would take for the vet to do him next), whose outlook was more When it's done and over with, the vet takes the bodies and that's that). Yet he knew that all discussions and plans aside, this was a scary thing for Chatty and his sister needed his support. It was to be done the way she needed and long as he went right afterward, no delay. Then Mommy and Daddy were to go immediately into the house and not stand there looking at the bodies, and the vet was to take them, the toy and the blanket away.
And the two desired to come back into the Trish's household as puppies: brother and sister, medium size, a certain preferred description.
Trish had to coordinate with the vet to fit this unusual house call into his schedule, and there was always the nagging When is it right? - How would she know?
It was not to be premature. We made sure of that. We took apart every point and hit it from every angle.
Then based on appropriate factors, the correct day was determined. (NO, it was not "premature", trust me.) The vet was coming in an hour. Trish let me know that Daddy was going to take Chessy for a final walk. Chatty told me she wanted to go along but would forego this as she was not only very weak, this was also "his time with Daddy"; she dropped immediately so I didn't mention it. Chessy was tense but prepared.
I should also mention that in the course of things, Chessy had volunteered two things: <Chessy is very much in agreement with this and holding his head very up and brave on this. Says if it's time (concept now or quite imminent) then this is fine (means - is fine with him, for him as well). Says if he 'flexes a lot' meaning when it's time, if he pulls back, gets rigid, tries to fight it off a bit, resists the approach to the vet or the vet's approach to him), just make him do it, have Charlie make him do it but whoever physically forces him to do it MUST simply - force him to do it and not 'feel sorry for him' as IF this occurs, he is telling us 'loud and clear RIGHT NOW' that this is (would be, if it happened) a Physical, Body reaction against 'being killed' and that he, in fact is quite in agreement with things and actually looking forward to it being done and his being Free. Their being Free.> and, that if it did not work out that the two of them could fit on the lounge chair, he might simply touch her with his nose, and Mommy and Daddy were to know that if they saw this, it would be his way of ensuring that he touched his sister. She needed this support.
We decided that Trish would call me when it was done and we would continue on for the Post-Consultation.
I kept busy in order to keep myself "even". I in fact started looking around on the net for sources for boy and girl sibling puppies needing adoption in her area. And then at one point I knew...knew it had just happened. I tapped in a bit and Chatty was already inside the house, at the foot of the previously daunting staircase. She knew she could go "anywhere" but it had not quite hit her yet...she was viewing things as if still through a dog body's eyes. Things were a little odd. I took my attention off of them to let things run their course. All in good time.
Trish called. Skipping over what it was like for her, we proceeded with the Consultation including discussing how it had gone. All had been followed through, and interestingly enough:  
1. When Daddy had taken Chessy for his walk, Chatty really did want to go along and so off they went, though she was so weak her legs collapsed. Sound tragic? Nope. Trish said she had the hugest grin on her face!
2. Chessy had shown a slight bit of a "shaking" reaction ...and...
3. When it turned out to be a bit unworkable for them to lie side by side on the chaise lounge chair, Chatty lay on it and Chessy was at the foot of it - but he still made sure he touched her beforehand....they touched noses.
(Yeah, I had the same reaction to that as you probably just did. Still do)
Mommy and Daddy went inside, the vet took the dogs' bodies, toy and blanket and  left.
They talked about how it had gone, what was going on now, how they felt about it. We'll leave it at that. Suffice it to say all three were very brave and caring for each other.
Trish and I kept in frequent touch with each other via email and phone to get through this wrenching day; Chessy and Chatty were a contributive part in most of the conversations, giving input suggestions, new discoveries, emotions, cherished memories. Seeing about the new puppies was also one point of focus. The parameters broadened a bit and rat terriers seemed to come in rather strongly to me. I mean, I love them anyway, but when discussing what they might want, I seemed to be veering off in that direction and rat terriers were a point of "strong" interest for Chessy and Chatty who became enamored with the idea of it. Trish set about to find a brother and sister puppy rat terrier team for them right away! This was not the "Get another dog - it'll make you feel better!" nor was it the other "You should wait" (for whatever it is people are supposed to wait for). This was the correct approach for this team of three kindred spirits, and fortunately there were no hindrances in Trish's life making it unworkable to take on new pups.
Different ways to find the pups were discussed, and ultimately Trish set off to see what was available. Time went on...I was doing whatever, and suddenly got hit real hard and fast with Chatty. Trish called me shortly thereafter to report that she was at the pet store and Guess what this pet store had?? Yup - a female rat terrier puppy. She was the one. It was basically a done deal for Chatty; Chessy however was in the store looking on and a bit concerned but also having ideas that he might like to go off and be a human instead, following a different or higher calling. This was a genuine (and rare) interest, but I don't just let things go that easily if there's something not right: mixed in with his idea to go do this was the fact that while in the pet store, when he saw that there was only one puppy, and it was the female (for Chatty, as previously agreed), he decided he had "seen the writing on the wall" as the fact that there was only the sister (her brother had been sold already) seemed to be a "sign" that this "wasn't going to work out". I don't give up that easily. There is no "meant to be" in something one can control. We could see how things played out and Trish already had lines out to see if her new baby had another brother, or to find another male rat terrier puppy altogether. See, this scenario had also been worked out with Chessy and Chatty as being an option: they would as before be brother and sister regardless. Trish and I worked to keep Chessy bolstered and let him know in no uncertain terms that he was completely free to do whatever was best and right. He was still a little insecure about whether he was "wanted" now, so we let him know that he was truly always welcome in her home. Meanwhile Mommy was indeed going to pursue the baby boy with no delay.
Trish took her baby girl home and set about to get her settled in. One report (to give you an idea): <We did manage to get a gazillion toys which are proudly displayed all over the bed. She also now has 3 different outfits depending upon her mood. A red collar, tan leather collar or black harness as well as denim diapers (just in case)J>
The tears were there, but we also had some fun with what names the new puppy wanted versus what Trish liked; the focus was toys and crates, sleeping arrangements, and what Chessy was up to. He had attention on Daddy and was making sure he was OK, and was kind of in limbo being uncertain how things might go for him. Trish had no intention of reneging on finding him a boy puppy body; we kept in touch with him and kept him bolstered. Some uncertainties and insecurites were worked though and soon there was calm once again.
I got this email the next afternoon:<Tell Chessy – we are off to look at a little boy at 3 pm today. J>
Long story short, she is now the proud New Mommy of Sassy Girl and Boogie Boy, two live-wire rat terrier puppies. And she is NOT "in denial" and all that rot. She is NOT "forgetting" or "replacing" her Chatty and Chessy babies. Her grieving for them, as them, is very real, and her love for her new babies is also very real. She is doing great at the differentiation between the two and is also enjoying those familiar personalities shining through. We had also gone over how to handle certain transitional factors and Trish is a natural. It's proving out, too. Chatty is fully Sassy, knows who she was as Chatty and who she is as Sassy, and is making the transition quite well. She will forget, or she won't, but it's a safe environment there for her to develop into SASSY. She loves her perfect name. She is also very much into her "new brother"! She's his "big sister" and told us many times that she has every intention of driving him absolutely nuts. She's a total imp! - she's all over him - she loves Boogie Boy so much!
Although the two were playing away, Chessy had not yet taken over the Boogie Boy body. There were a few things to work out, which we did, and that's a whole other story which I will not go into here.  He's doing fine and finding his land legs, as it were.
As soon as this was worked out, there was a very deep feeling of...well there are no words to express the depth of the love and calmness and security which were emanating from Chatty/Sassy - she was reunited with her brother - it really, really happened. It was settled. Next thing you know Trish told me how he plopped down, tuckered out by the events of the day, and Sassy was laying there with her paw on him.
Yeah, there's that emotion again.
And Trish had - has - her babies back with her once again.
Do you know how rare this is!?
Through this nightmare time and painful emotions she's held up like a champ. Her strength, honesty, openness, bravery and love have been an inspiration to me and have given her and her beloved babies a whole fresh, new life.
At some point in time when she's up to it, she's going to send me a write up for my site. Meanwhile I'm writing this up to share with others, with her permission.
"Aunt" Julie
While there are obvious differences: Wiemeraner to Rat Terrier, their personalities are over all the same. Sassy (was Chatty) is laid back, confident and a bit prissy. Boogie Boy (was Chessy) is a handful of energy and very demanding of attention (same lack of confidence). Thank goodness he’s only 10 pounds instead of the former 100 pounds. Training these guys has been a breeze this time as I already knew their hot buttons and what paths not to go down. Even the formal trainers, who knew Chessy and Chatty, can’t believe the similarities in the dogs’ personalities and have told me how lucky I am not to have overly hyper Rat Terriers.
As you may recall, the day I had to put both wiemers down was horrible. We had been discussing this event for Chessy due to his heart murmur for about a month, when all of a sudden Chatty got bone cancer leaving me no options on timing or the dirty deed of putting both dogs down on the same day. Due to my back problems, you had mentioned Rat Terriers might be a perfect new breed for me. I hadn’t had a chance to investigate the breed yet, but felt a need to just hold a puppy on the day I put Chessy and Chatty down. There’s a little Pet Store a mile from me that only has a half a dozen pups at any given time … no way would they have a Rat Terrier on this fateful day, a breed I had never heard of – let alone seen. Life’s synchronicities took over and of course they had a female Rat Terrier. The moment I held her, there was no decision – I knew it was “Chatty” and meant to be.
Now Boogie/Chessy was a whole other story. Chessy was always a handful and really was more his Daddy’s dog than mine. Without my ex-husband, Charlie in the picture, did I want any reminders of a messy divorce and a past that I was trying to put behind me? Typical indecisive female – I had no clue and decided to see where the Gods led me. It took about a week to track down another Rat Terrier – male. Sassy was a standard and all I could find was a toy. Sassy was sweet and calm … then I saw this little peep-squeak bounding at me full force, jumping up into my lap and licking my face. I wanted a manageable life with no more drama! There was a second male pup that didn’t seem to be so “active” that was catching my eye… but then the breeder called the first one “Wiggle Butt”, an old Chessy endearment, and it was if someone upstairs was talking to me and my decision was made.
Yet there was another obstacle – a puppy soul had already inhabited Boogie’s body. (What the f***?) Now I believe in life after death and heaven, but this gets a bit weird for even metaphysical me. Both of my Rat Terrier pups were born BEFORE my wiemeraners died?! And now two souls were arguing over one pup’s body?! Scotty beam me outta here and I don’t give a rat’s ass where! And now, Julie what do you mean Chessy’s feelings are hurt because I can’t decide if I want him or not, and he’s gonna go become a human somewhere? The two souls as translated by Aunt Julie, discuss their options and make their decisions once I declare my love for Chessy. Too weird!
If I hadn’t seen the new pups with some of the same old habits (some peculiar to this new breed) – calmer disposition than typical of Rat Terriers, Boogie/Chessy’s being a total food hound close to taking off multiple fingers when treats are offered or crawling into the dishwasher for scraps as compared to Chatty/Sassy gingerly licking my hand until the treat is offered and/or being completely disinterested in my clearing the table and washing the dishes; Chessy/Boogie chasing birds and squirrels while Chatty/Sassy whines for little children and other dogs in the park, Chatty/Sassy being a nervous chewer and Chessy/Boogie a hoarder of toys. Chatty/Sassy doesn’t want to get her prissy paws wet and does her business on the patio while Cheesy/Boogie poops and pees in the grass. Chatty/Sassy lies in the sun and watches the world go by while Chessy/Boogie darts from one interesting thing to another never lying still until the long day’s end and he is forced to retire to his cage. Blah, blah, blah the list goes on. Yet there is one major difference. Chatty the female, was the alpha dog and this time round it is up for grabs. Boogie the (smaller toy) male seems to be vying for that top-dog position. However if my memory serves me correctly, a dozen years ago my meek mild yet confident female Chatty took over after a short time of surveying her territory. Time will tell. The main thing is both puppies come running with glee at the mere sight of their new mommy. My heart is full of love.
Anyway oddly Chatty had always been Mommy’s little girl (and still is in Sassy) but Boogie has squarely nibbled off a large section of my heart. It didn’t happen overnight, but six months later there’s no doubt I made the right decision to get both dogs. Unlike Chessy, Boogie never leaves my side and is a Momma’s boy! … just a bit more well behaved this time round.
~ Trish
My beloved Hammy passed away today.
It was unexpected on my part, and I was devastated. He was such a wonderful little guy, and he added so much to my life, that losing him was awful. Weekie, my bird, was the one who told me that Hammy passed away. Hammy was in a cage in another part of the house, when Weekie started shrieking in the most intense way. It's hard to describe....
it was so constant and so shrill that I knew he was trying to tell me something important. I just got this blast of feeling that something was wrong with Hammy, and when I ran to check on him, I found he had died. Thank Goodness I had Aunt Julie ~ I called her right away, and she was able to easily contact both Weekie and Hammy (his spirit). She was able to explain Weekie's upset, and what he was seeing and feeling, and she was able to talk to Hammy about what had happened and how he had died. I can't tell you how incredibly comforting it is to be able to still talk with someone and "hear their voice" after they have passed on. Wow.
We talked with Aunt Julie about Hammy's "next life" ~ where he might go and what he might do. We talked about practical matters, such as how Hammy wanted his body to be buried.
I'm still a little bit in shock about the whole thing that has just happened. It all happened so fast, and was so unexpected. If I had not known about Aunt Julie, I would have been beside myself with grief ~ There would be nothing I could do and nothing I could say to Hammy or any of my other pets about what happened. I would just have to live with unanswered questions, like "Did Hammy die peacefully?", "Did the other pets know he was gone?", "How would Hammy want to be buried?"
Having Aunt Julie to help me has made all the difference. I've always valued her friendship and caring, but never moreso than today ~ What a wonderful human being she is.....
~ Jackie ~
I had never had a psychic reading of any type done before this. I was skeptical to say the least, a little curious, and careful of what I told Julie beforehand. If she was making this up, I would know it. I asked very specific questions of her to ask my family's beloved pet, Bandit. He had just recently passed over after almost 17 years of being a part of this family. I asked Julie to tape it so I could share with the rest of the family what had been said and also to see if Julie said something that could prove to be false.
I proceeded cautiously, gave the information Julie asked of me, and prepared for the reading.
To my surprise, Julie did almost all of the talking, she didn't prod me for information. My little Bandit was quite the chatty dog that day. Reading went on for 90 minutes. As she told me what Bandit was telling her, I could get a sense of Bandit's personality coming through. She described perfectly my favorite way of holding him and picking him up, his special relationship with my husband, his cause of death (a tumor in his stomach that grew rapidly, so his stomach looked like he had pups in there), specific things of wanting to be fat for us so there was more to love. One thing of particular interest was when she related a time he tried to eat the bowl after finishing the food in it. Honest, he did that. It was scraps of prime rib we brought home from a restaurant in a small styrofoam container. He ate most of the styrofoam container, because it was nowhere to be found. No one in the family had discarded it!!!! Bandit told Julie exactly where he was when he passed and there was no pain, even an approximate time of his passing. The reading was reassuring for both Bandit and I. He says he will stick around our home for awhile to make sure we will be OK without him and readjust. I asked Julie to check with Bandit to see if it is OK with him for me to post the Testimonial with his picture. Sure it was OK, because he knows how cute he is!! Julie also told of a fantasy Bandit would have of being a Bandito. I never told Julie this, but that was our favorite nickname for Bandit. Our little Bandito, who as a pup would finish pulling off your socks and run away with them. I highly recommend Julie to do a reading for you!!!
From a subsequent email...
I have adjusted to Bandit's passing to the point I can think of memories of him without getting depressed and tearful. His memories make me happy.
~ J W in NE
Please note that English is Anna's second language ~ Aunt Julie.
Aunt Julie helped me to get an old pet back, and here is my story:
A few months ago, at a visit from Aunt Julie for my cats (8, and I have my hands full with them) she spotted a being with us in the sitting room and it turned out to be my dog from 50 years ago. Yes, you read right, 50 years ago. I was about 11 when I lost my very beloved dog, a Chow-Chow. My mother had bought him, and officially he was the family dog, but somehow he and I were the closest. When he was about 3-4 years old, he got run over by a car. Needless to say, I was heartbroken.
His name was Olaf. So Aunt Julie converses with him, and he tells her he had visited me 3 or 4 times during the last decades, between lives he had. Mostly dog-lives, but even once a human. I sit there crying in memory and joy of course. What a thing to happen. And Yes, Olaf would like to come back as a pet to me, if I want him. And Aunt Julie says, he will be there awhile, as long as he knows I want him.
I had to think about this a bit, does he want to be a dog, cat, male, female? Didn't seem to matter to him much.
Anyhow, my cats didn't seem very excited to have a dog, but another kitten most didn't seem to mind. Some even were happy for me to have an old pal back.
I went with Aunt Julie over a procedure, of how we could get Olaf a body, and since I haven't the money for some purebred dog, or want to spend much money buying a pet, it seemed best to go to the Humane Society, who has all those animals in need of homes. And they are all spayed/neutered, and practically you pay them what a spaying/neutering would cost you anyhow.
So I went several times looking at dogs first, then cats. The dogs were all too big, or not just what I think the cats would like, so in the end it seemed best to settle for a cat.
Since my male cats (6 guys - 2 girls) are all a bit macho, I thought I better look for a female. I looked several times over a period of a few weeks, and each time I came home with 2 or 3 possibilities, and e-mailed Aunt Julie with a description.
She then checked with Olaf so he could check these possibilities. But he wasn't too impressed with what I came up. And I must say, nothing clicked with me either. But I kept looking to find the right cat/kitten for him.
And one day I saw a little kitten, Max, and when I asked Aunt Julie to see what Olaf thought about this one, Aunt Julie is so-to-say overseeing this, gives advice to me and what is happening, and this went awfully fast.
Next morning, the first thing, I speed up to the Humane Society, so nobody else would want to buy Max (alias Olaf).  I bought Max. And when they took him out of his cage, I k n e w that that cat was not "feeling" like the cat I had seen the day before. It w a s all different. And that was Olaf.
If was very exciting to take him home. I put him first in the bathroom, snuggled with him, and he snuggled back. Was ready also to explore the house, but the other cats are awfully big and I didn't want him to get overwhelmed, so I actually handled him for a few days like I would have done introducing any new cat.
It's first, and still is a bit, a bit strange to have a cat, who looks and behaves so different that the dog I remember. In a way we have to get reintroduced.
But when all is quiet, and in the evenings, when Max (Olaf wouldn't have minded that I call him Olaf again, but Max was fine with him too) so when Max jumps up on my bed, he gives me a special look, that says: hello, I am happy to be back , and I know who is "talking".
Otherwise, he is just a kitten as all kittens. Curious, lively, a nuisance now and then, learning fast the good cat manners with other cats and so on. AND I am a very lucky new kitten-mom!!!!
~ Anna in FL
I had my dog come back and my brother's dog come back to me. I have special circumstances because I already had so many dogs (6) when this process started (all but one added after both of the other dogs passed away). It's been a pleasure, but also a real challenge. They are most definitely different dogs. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of their old personalities, especially Toby (the one who was my brother's dog). As you know, in his previous life, Toby was not treated like a king. He was chained and left alone. He got fed most of the time, but if he missed a day "it was no big deal." So, Toby had tons of issues deep inside even when he transformed into another dog. Those issues have displayed themselves as aggressiveness and protection over food. Also, he would attack his brother if his brother was receiving any attention. Knowing his past has made it tons easier understanding his behavior. I know why he guards his food, etc. Over time, with unconditional love, those behaviors are beginning to subside. The pups are now 7 months old. However, it's important to always remember that even though they may carry some baggage, they are different dogs with different personalities and needed to be treated as such!
~ Linda K in TN
Aunt Julie has been a Godsend for me this week. Knowing that I had a link to my Baloo as he passed over helped me to know that I was doing the right thing. I struggled for months about what the 'right' time would be, and without Julies' help, I don't know if I would have had the strength to let him go.
Baloo was such a wonderful and special cat. I needed to let him know how dearly I loved him and how much I had hated the medical problems we'd been enduring for the past few months. I was able to hear his side of things, know that he accepted what had been happening, and was actually grateful for the daily infusions I'd had to administer. He let me know that I COULD let him go and accept it, because He accepted it. Most important of all, I was able to let him know how much I loved him and would miss him. An enormous weight was lifted from my shoulders hearing that he always knew he was special to me, and had appreciated all that I had tried to do to keep him with me longer.
I am so grateful to Julie for helping me (and Baloo) through this. We are going to contact her again shortly to have him come back to the family in a new host. By then, I hope the pain of loss isn't as strong, and I'll be able to share more. In the meantime, if ANYONE wants information or has questions about MY experience, I am only too happy to talk about it one-on-one. I just can't convey it all here right now.
Thank you SO MUCH, Julie.
Robin R. (, New Jersey

A very heartfelt thank you for your services this afternoon. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders concerning the guilt with Annie. My wife was really touched by our Consult and we are both looking forward to contacting you again in a few weeks to check in on Annie. If you happen to talk with Annie again, please tell her, her Daddy feels much better after getting to talk with her. Again, thank you very much.
~ G & M B in OH

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