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If you are satisfied with my services, please take the time to write something for my site. This is an awkward but important request.
Writing a Testimonial is an important part of the process for many. When they go to "put the pen to paper", they reflect on what has really happened and the impact it has had in their life. It also gives them the opportunity to share with others the unique experience of Animal Communication and pass along this little gem to those who may not have had this experience. What you write - and even that you wrote it - can make or break whether or not someone else takes advantage of these services and benefits from this opportunity to reconnect with their beloved animal companion. Remember, in most cases, someone only used my services because they read the Testimonials already posted (or were referred by another...but then they probably read the Testimonials too!)

Unsure what to write, or how to best communicate what happened?
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Julie's note: This one was a beautiful and smooth experience. Always a sweet girl, Champy was near her end of life. We had a nice talk with her and she remained quite composed, light and rather "in charge!" Details were worked out as to the vet's arrival to the house, the location Champy was trying to get across as to where she wanted to lay for the procedure, and the like. Her owner was very loving and attentive to her requests during the Consult, and no detail was unexplored as even though not "demanding", Champy was gently knowledgable about her preferences. This proved to be a calming influence!
After the fact, I received an email with a few notes about how things went; here is just an excerpt:
"Champy remained a superdog by greeting the vet with a smile, wagging tail, etc.  ... She actually picked the spot by the coffee table herself."
True, you had to "be there" for the Consult to know the nuances of the above but I'm sure you get the idea.
Later email:
Thanks for your help. Believe me, your reading and allowing me to talk to Champy helps a lot. I think I granted all of her last wishes. I actually believe she is smarter than humans. You really helped me get some closure for me and Champy. I still get teared eyed when I look but do not find her here at home. But I know she is around. I am glad she went out with dignity.
I would be most pleased if you could use some of what I wrote on your website. I was very fortunate to have the time to talk to Champy before the end.
~ H. Lee, CA  May 2009

With the recent devastation left by Hurricane Katrina, I knew there must be countless pets out there who are in a state of upset. I wished we could contact them to at least acknowledge what had happened to them. I figured that even though I could not help them directly, at least having them know that someone was caring about them might help them feel better.
Julie was able to reach one individual who was particularly gifted with psychic ability, a brown male dog named Lionel. Lionel and his family had been caught in the storm and died as a result of it. Lionel recounted what happened, and he told us that his female owner had died, but that her spirit didn't really realize it yet. He was loyal to her and was staying by her side so that he could comfort her when she finally realized that she had passed over.
We talked about what other dogs were going through, and what rescue efforts were taking place. Lionel mentioned how difficult it was for the pets who had been separated from their families. He felt that he could help the other passed-over pets by giving them a mission: to use their feelings of caring and empathy to help calm the people who were upset and did not know where to turn.
Just as the Red Cross helps take care of people's physical needs, his group, the Passed Over Puppies Team, could help people psychically. It's incredible how someone like Lionel can take a circumstance such as his and use it to help others. He really is an incredible leader, and I know that he will be helping the other dogs feel better by having them do what they do best ~ extending their warmth and caring to humans.
Thank you, Aunt Julie, for using your abilities to bring people and pets closer together.
It really can make a difference.
~ JS, Illinois Sept 1st, 2005

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sugaree was more than a dog to me and my family. She was a beautiful loving friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. When she started to reach the end due to cancer I was completely heartbroken. She was put to sleep on a Saturday morning.
I was beside myself and then I remembered a co-worker mentioning Aunt Julie’s site. I placed my order and Julie responded right away. The day of my appointment I woke up for the first time in months actually excited. Today’s the day I get to talk to Sugaree!!
It was an amazing experience. Sugaree described her stroke and what she felt like after she passed. She had messages for her close friends and they were in tears when I delivered them. I opened up my heart during the reading and put my sadness to the side. I could feel waves of love come over me….just like I used to feel when I looked at Sugaree doing something totally cute :o) I still miss her but instead of feeling sad I’m able to enjoy our bond in a more open and loving way.
~ Amy B. in CO, 2009

Thanks for getting in contact with Cruzer for us- you lifted the sorrow I've felt in my heart for the past 3 years at not being there when he had to go- and for not being able to say my final goodbyes.....I'm glad to hear from you that he is still very much around us and that he is still "smiling a lot" - that he understood all that happened and has gotten to be friendly with Robert and Rudy!
~ E.V. in Laguna Beach, CA 1/06

Hi Julie,
We want to thank you for a truly wonderful experience! It was so nice to connect with Fox and we know now that he is OK!!! This really helped us, but I really think it helped Fox too, and for that I am so glad we found you.
We were a little nervous at first, but quickly realized that this wasn't scary at all! You helped us feel at ease and we found that this was in fact a very pleasant and fulfilling experience! Thank you and I look forward to contacting you in the future so we can say hello again to our Fox!
~ The McDonnells in NJ, Jan 2009

Gosh, time flies when you are having fun! Next month will be four years that A-and E- have been with us. We are soo happy and they have brought us nothing but unimaginable joy, love and happiness!
Thanks again for your help with helping to reunite us all four years ago. We will forever be grateful!
~M. & S. D-, Clearwater, FL Oct 2008

I want to thank you for helping me through an extremely difficult situation. Max needed reassurance before his exploratory surgery and he got it thanks to your gift. Then after having to make such a difficult decision I was able to talk to him and we let each other know how much we meant to each other and to my husband. I was impressed that he was so worried about the cats. He wanted us to be sure to love them and help them get through the loss of him. It was bitter sweet but important. Thank you for helping Max and the rest of our family in losing Maxwell THE BEST DOG!!!!! DEB
 ~ Deb D in NC   2008
Added later in an email July 2009: "I also have to thank you again for your help when my baby Maxwell died. I thought losing him would be devistating to deal with. Since I was able to talk to him I think I helped him adjust to losing his body. It also helped me greatly to know he was ok and didn't blame me for making the decision to let him go when they couldn't save him."

Aunt Julie is truly a godsend! I urge anyone out there with a beloved pet to not wait until that pet is ill or passed away, but for yourself and your pet to contact Julie while your pet is still alive and healthy. I can promise you it will change both your lives. I know this firsthand, as I wasn't given the gift of Julie and her abilities until our beautiful Sydney passed away. It was bittersweet, but getting closure for both Sydney and I was, honestly, the only thing that got me out of bed in those tough weeks following. So now we're going to be talking with Quinn, our cat, who is very much alive and demanding to be heard. This will be very interesting!
~ Connie Everett, Seattle, Washington, June 2007

I contacted Aunt Julie after I had to put my ferret Codo to sleep after suffering with adrenal problems. He was the "love of my life", and although I have had many other pets throughout my life, he was like my baby boy! Not only did he bring me so much pleasure with his funny, slapstick antics, but he taught me so many lessons- lessons on forgiveness and also lessons on how to have fun in life.
Finally the time came when I knew I had to put him to sleep. He was losing his battle with life, and I had done everything medically possible for him. At that time I was inconsolable. My husband, who had also become very attached to him (and Codo to my husband as well), helped me as much as he could, bit the loss was very great for me.
I found Julie's website on the internet and seemed drawn to her. After some thought, I knew I needed some help getting past the pain, but most importantly, I wanted to know if Codo was alright. Even after 2 years, I am still in tears writing this, as I loved him so much!
Immediately, Julie described things to me about Codo that nobody else could know- what bed he liked to run around on, where he slept in the closet (in a little round ferret bed), and also the things I would do, like opening the closet door and looking in on him while he was sleeping to see if he was OK. She was astoundingly accurate, and I was put at ease right away! I knew in my heart she was actually communicating with my Codo. She told me he was just fine, and I believed it for the first time. I never again worried about him. She helped me get past the pain I felt which I thought would never end.
I cannot recommend her enough!! In fact, I now have 2 new ferrets, and I am going to consult with her again about them- this time before they pass! Thank you again Juie!!!
~ Christine G, NYC 12/06

I am dear friends with two people who had used Julie before when they had awful losses with their pet family members. These friends I admire and regard with the utmost respect. As I had never heard of pet communication before I really didn't know how to respond to the amazement in truth, new understanding and ultimate comfort gained from this communication. A bit skeptical would be an understatement, but these people are "normal" and mindful. I thought it interesting at best and went along until I had my own unexpected loss of Miss Lucy, my beloved lovebird. I was away when it happened and I was broken. I could not get it together. I was so sad. For those reading this, if it helps, we know your emptiness and loss. It is terrible. As I said to Julie, the love for a precious pet (true love at that) finds its way in total fascination and endearment for every part, thing, doing and not doing. I continued to try and get it together until I finally analyzed it like this:  the risk in finding it "out of this world" for the modest amount of money involved was worth the reward if it could be true. And, how wonderful to know and experience something different and new. I must say it was amazing.  With her incredible gift, Julie drew on, understood and was able to communicate aspects that yes, no one else would have known without any guidance.  Julie's energy and pursuit was unyielding for an hour. She was fully present with both of us and able to relay Miss Lucy's voice. The experience definitely offered the most interesting insight. The information is very good to have and I am so happy for it. But, as I told Julie, I guess in the end, the truth remains that Miss L is gone.  I am glad to know however she is still "around".  I always knew she would remain close and deep in my heart, but this is an added bonus. The lesson going forward is to love, love, love with no regret and with all you have as none of us knows when that end will be. With the new found knowledge of the fact that animals know so much more than we imagine, my next dear pet will be spoken to, listened to and understood on a whole new level.... and that is good!  Actually Miss Lucy is spoken to, listened to and still understood today on a whole new level thanks to Miss Julie and her care. It is definitely worth doing.  
~ JH, FL 6/06
I'm feeling a lot better nowadays. It's hard enough not being able to talk to a pet under ordinary circumstances, but when there is illness and death added in it's easy to second-guess yourself wondering if it was all "your fault" as the pet owner for not noticing the early warning signs. Now that I know that Festus regards those things as not important to him, it's a great weight off my shoulders. I can now easily remember the happy times we had with him without dwelling on those sad last days.
Tammy (her 10 year old daughter who also got to talk with Festus) is also doing a lot better. She had "shut down" and wouldn't talk about things for several days, but now that she's had a chance to talk to Festus, she's opening up and just letting her feelings just happen. She's always been afraid of her own emotions; when she was younger they would often get away from her, resulting in a lot of problems at school (this was before we knew she had special needs). Getting out of control like that would frighten her, and she learned to shut down to prevent meltdowns. It's helped her a lot to know that Festus did stick around in spirit form for a while, and that it's possible to talk with him again if she feels the need.
Kat Kirkpatrick, MA Dec 2005
I talked for the first time with Flash recently when his owner was concerned about his health. This boy was and remains very spiritually aware, and had some incredible things to pass along. Regarding the "physical", he knew exactly how he wanted things to be for himself, Mommy and Daddy. Here are two emails regarding Flash's passing.
Flash went peacefully today about 2:15. There could not have been a more serene transition. Thank you for your part in putting my mind at ease, and for helping Flash to tell me what is on his mind.
Thanks Julie... Yes, Flash passed peacefully today. It was beautiful, full of love, and "as it should be".
This last part ("as it should be") was very fulfilling to hear! The details he covered during our talks (how he wanted things thought of, addressed, and taken care of) were very important to him and as a result, very important to Aunt Julie. So reading even just that part was one of the most fulfilling moments I've had!  
DK in IL
I wanted to write to tell of the amazing story of Cassidy and Quinn
My best friend and confidante, Cassidy Quinn (a small white Ducorp's Cockatoo), had been ill for quite a while. He would seem to get better with treatment, and then with surgery. But whatever was wrong with him could never quite be mended by our vet, try as he might. Cassidy took a turn for the worse in November 2004, and on a chilly Monday morning he had to be suddenly put to sleep. He was only 4 ½ years old, and I was heartbroken.
While at work two days later, a co-worker told me about Aunt Julie. I was desperate for some kind of closure (though suffice it to say, a little skeptical), and contacted Julie that evening. Julie wrote back to my email around 8pm, just as I was sitting in tears watching TV, thinking about Cassidy not being in his usual spot on my left - always my left - shoulder, snuggled up to go to sleep there with his beak against my nose…
Julie's reply struck me right away. She said she didn't want to upset me because she hadn't actually spoken with me yet, but that Cassidy was insistent that she email me immediately and tell me that he was with me - sitting on my left shoulder and snuggling my face right now. Needless to say, I was surprised.
Julie and I arranged to speak with Cassidy that Saturday afternoon, and I was excited and very nervous as the time drew close. Julie put me at ease right away though, and she was amazingly accurate during her conversation with Cassidy. She described my house, my husband and another close friend of the family, my Weimaraner (who liked to sit and stare at Cassidy and `smile'), and many other aspects of life in our home.
She also told me what had been actually medically wrong with Cassidy, and described his symptoms and final suffering in amazingly accurate detail. (I have since checked with the vet, and he could very well have been afflicted with what Julie related to me.) I got a tremendous feeling of peace and closure from this conversation, and walked away feeling much better than I did going into it.
During our talk, Cassidy suggested that he come back into our home as another bird - but oh, was he specific about exactly what he must look like. Julie related that he wanted to be a BIG bird, and GREEN, and LOUD, and have a long tail. And be a male - absolutely. Cassidy knew what he wanted, and wasn't going to settle. Julie spent many hours of her own time browsing the internet, looking for pictures of the type of bird that Cassidy had shown her - even getting confirmation (or loud denial) from Cassidy himself on various occasions as she looked at pictures.
We finally determined that he was going for the look of a Military Macaw. Now - how do you locate `the one'..?? Here is where fate stepped in a bit. I emailed a bird breeder that I used to have contact with, and asked if she was still in the business. She actually was not - she had moved from California to Missouri, and only had two birds left that were for sale. And believe it or not… they were two Military Macaws, from the same clutch, around 4 months old!
I had the breeder send me pictures of the two birds, and Cassidy immediately gravitated to one of them. THAT was the one. But the birds had not been sexed yet, and the breeder suspected that the one that Cassidy was interested in was a female, and that the other might be a male. “No”, said Cassidy - we should have them sexed and wait to see. He (through Julie) insisted that the one he was interested in was the male. So we had them sexed, and waited as told. And sure enough, when the results were in a week later, Cassidy was right - the one he insisted on was the male, and the other was a female. (OK, at that point I was a believer.)
Julie spoke with us again, and made final arrangements for the transition into the new macaw baby. Cassidy was very interested in what his new name would be, and he promptly vetoed every name that my husband and I had been thinking of. He finally announced that he had liked his middle name when he was a cockatoo, Quinn, and that he would take that as his new name. He then announced that he thought “McFee” would be a cool middle name going forward, and that was that. (I actually asked if it was at all negotiable, since I would never in a million years have thought up “McFee” - but he said it was not!)
We had a break in the weather that weekend in December, so… off I went to Missouri to pick up this new bird that I had never met. I flew there, picked up Quinn McFee, rented a car, and started the drive back to Denver.
Julie had told me that Cassidy was a little nervous about the long drive home, and that he was going to wait and see whether all was going well before he actually took up final residence in the macaw. For the first 4 hours of the trip, the new bird acted like I wasn't even there. He ate, he clucked a bit, he soundly ignored me… And then he got really, really quiet for about 10 minutes.
And all of a sudden he was a totally different bird! He came running over to the side of his carrier by the drivers seat, and started insisting that I pet him through the carrier sides. And he started squirping and cooing for me, and demanding continual attention. It was quite a drive until I got to the hotel for the night and let him out of that carrier! He came running out of the carrier, ran across the floor to me, up my arm onto my shoulder - yelling, “Mom! Mom!”  It was amazing - that's really the only word to describe it.
Quinn is still my big green baby, and it's now 6 months later. No one can get over how he seemed to know me and be totally devoted to me from that instant, like we had been together all along. Actually, I can't quite get over it myself.
I really appreciate everything that Julie did to make this happen for me, for my husband, and for Cassidy/Quinn. She went over and above, and is still there for us when we need to check in.  She was also there for us last week, when the Weimaraner, Shelby, lost her battle with kidney failure. Julie connected with Shelby and helped us to grant her last wishes, and to know that she is OK where she is now.
What peace and closure it brings to have that connection - it's a wonderful gift that Julie shares with others…
~ Karen E, CO
This little gal had been killed by a vehicle and when contacted by Mommy and Aunt Julie, was a bit unsure of exactly what had occurred. She got to get this clarified and also got to go over many things she wanted to say, ask and comment upon. It was a pleasure to help her and she is doing quite well. ~ Julie
I wanted to thank you for our consultation with Halley yesterday. I actually haven't cried. Even though I know she's here I still think there is a heavy quiet to the house - it's amazing how many gaps she filled in for us.
Last night I felt like she was in bed with us and when I got up this morning I actually felt pretty good.
I wish everyone would consult you about their pets. You have a wonderful gift and you are so generous to share with everyone.
~ Krista in IL
Romeo the Lovebird was killed rather out of the blue, right before we were going to do his Initial Consultation. Wild! The owner and I did a Consultation anyway, which was very needed and quite touching. One of the many things he brought up was how very much he loved being on her shoulder, with all the accompanying love and emotions. He also desired to come back to Mommy and her household, but this time as a dog...a very exact type of dog (and well described by him)...a Chihuahua puppy! This didn't "fly" at the humans' end at first for a couple of reasons, but Romeo pushed a bit, suggesting strongly that she Just go see one of them, type of thing.
Another type of dog was considered and almost purchased. The owner called me while at the ATM machine getting the funds for this cutie Beagle. Mmm. Something was "sticky" about the whole thing and I couldn't put my finger on it but even though we got in comm with the Romeo being who was like, Well, okay...I still got hit with something, to the point of having to call her back after we were already off the phone. I can't let things nag at me like that. It's rare but does happen, and it has to be communicated. Turns out, "oddly" enough, Mommy had reservations about it as well, something just didn't seem right (even though she and the Beagle pup had hit it right off!). They didn't get the Beagle and then she later contacted me to tell me that she'd found the perfect Chihuahua! It was just one of those kind of things where he just kind of plopped into their life.....He fit the bill perfectly and all considerations about how and why this wasn't the new pup to bring into the household just kind of....fell away.
Romeo was happy with this choice, boy. He like the name Mommy wanted, Tommy, but wanted a second name, as they sometimes do, and he came up with Tommy James (Tommy Boy as his nickname, since that's what Mommy liked as a nickname and he loved catering to what she wanted!).
Anyway, what I wrote's kinda clunky, it'll be better coming from her whenever she sends her "story" along which will better convey the details and frankly, the emotional depth of it all, but I can at least introduce some comments she made after the fact, for now:
Tommy James is wonderful. He keeps crawling on everyone's shoulder like a bird.
He've very content and we all love him so much already!
~ Diane H, FL
You know, it's not every time that it works out that the animal - or the human - gets exactly what they want. Tommy James was and is thrilled with his new situation. Do you know how good that feels!? ~Julie
Subsequent email from Diane approx 3 months later:
I just wanted to let you know everything is so great with this wonderful little dog. And you might find it so funny but he always wants to be on my left shoulder. This is so especially if he gets scared. He runs right up my body to my shoulder. Also, Romeo used to shred the toilet paper while he was with me when I was using the bathroom. Tommy James does the EXACT SAME THING!!
I can't thank Julie Rich enough for the help she has given me and my cats, Punkin, Goldman, and Garfield. This testimonial covers several Consultations from April 2003 to 16 October 2003, almost six months. Apologies in advance for the length of it, but Julie did yeoman's work. She kept me and my little furry children sane through an absolutely insane and hurtful time. If some of what you are about to read seems too incredible to believe, I understand. I wouldn't have believed it myself if I had not gone through it. I want everybody to know that the level of selfless, compassionate service Julie provided to me and mine is something for which I am forever in her debt.
I contacted Julie because my 17 year old black tortoiseshell, Punkin, had been losing weight for many months due to an overactive thyroid. She fought taking her medicine very hard. It was necessary for her to have medication to stay alive. It was so traumatic for her with my trying to administer it to her that I stopped. I was distraught because it seemed to me that Punkin didn't want to live. I asked Aunt Julie to find out from Punkin if that were so.
It turned out that Punkin *did* want to die, and she told Aunt Julie why. She felt she had been abandoned by her "first" family, whom she had not gotten over losing more than ten years ago. She was upset because she had been fixed and was unable to have kittens, and it wasn't fair. She thought I was mean because I wouldn't fix her back! She had decided to be standoffish and reject my love and care because I wasn't the mother she wanted. I was a "stupid Mommy." Her best friend, my other cat named Garfield, had to be put to sleep, and after more than seven years she was still grieving and angry over losing him. She felt useless. She felt alone. She was angry at the other cat, Goldman, whom I acquired after Garfield was gone. She hated him and wanted *him* to be put to sleep! Ouch! This was one little furry bundle of issues!
Through Aunt Julie, I got Punkin to see that I did truly love her. I let Punkin know how I came to have her, and it amounted to a rescue mission from a bleak home environment that was going to end in a terminal trip to the pound. I told Punkin that when I heard about her living conditions, I demanded that she be given to me to keep, and she was. I apologized for her being sterilized, and had Aunt Julie explain that this happened way before I got her, and that there was really nothing Mommy could do to fix her back. I told her that she didn't need to feel bad that she wasn't a loving companion to me, since I got her hoping she would be a companion to Garfield. That she was! I let her know that she did her job very well, and if she wanted to consider herself retired, she could. I asked Aunt Julie to tell Punkin that I admired her for being her own person and maintaining her independence.
Aunt Julie also helped me explain to Punkin that my getting Goldman was an effort to get a companion for *her*. She went into a decline when Garfield died, and I thought I was going to lose her too. I let her know through Aunt Julie that Goldman wasn't there to take Garfield's place, no one could do that, and that I missed Garfield as much as she did.
Lastly, I asked Aunt Julie to let Punkin know that I still loved her, that I had always loved her, and I would take care of her no matter what happened or how she acted because I made a commitment to her. I said that she, Punkin, was mine, and if I had it to do all over again, I would still rescue her and I would still be her Mommy. I told her I was very sorry she had felt so bad and thought she wasn't wanted for so many years.
This was all very heavy going, but it was worth it. The difference that this open communication made in the relationship between Punkin and me, and Punkin and Goldman, was nothing short of a miracle. Punkin began slowly to solicit petting and attention. She got to where she would sit in my lap and relax and purr up a storm. She stopped fighting with Goldman. She allowed me to give her medicine, and the vet was pleased that she was doing so well. She let Aunt Julie know to let me know that she decided she didn't want to die, and that she wanted all three of us to be a real family. Happiness was the three of us snuggled up in bed together, something I had wanted but had despaired of ever achieving till I called Aunt Julie.
With all the newfound joy and affection between and among Punkin, Goldman, and myself, the issue of Punkin's illness was always lurking in the background. She was rather old as cats go, and had developed a heart murmur. Worse, the medicine she needed to correct her thyroid was trashing her liver and making her feel unwell. She asked Aunt Julie to ask me to stop the medicine. I knew if I did she would go the way of all flesh all the faster (there being no cure), and I asked Aunt Julie to make sure she understood that. Punkin did. Thanks to Aunt Julie, Punkin could know from one vet visit to the next what her status was, and have some say in the decisions I made affecting her. Punkin let me know that she wanted the medicine to stop and for all of us to just enjoy life with each other for whatever time she had left. Punkin expressed preferences for how she wanted her last moments to be handled, and let Aunt Julie know that she wanted me there to hold her for that last needle. Of course I agreed.
In July, Punkin had a genuine health crisis. I really thought I was going to lose her. She had infusions of electrolytes under the skin five days in a row to flush the toxins out of her system (her kidneys were failing). She was so traumatized by them that they seemed worse than the problem they were supposed to solve. She lay on the sofa crying, unable to move and with her eyes full of tears. I called Aunt Julie for an emergency consult. Aunt Julie relayed to me that Punkin really couldn't handle the infusions and would Mommy please, please not put her through any more of them? I asked Aunt Julie to tell her yes, they would stop, and Mommy would tell the vet. The next day when we went back to the vet, I told him no more infusions. I think Punkin was cheering. He understood perfectly that they were making her distressed and depressed, and agreed that since that was the case, to do more was counterproductive. I was to take her home and let her be, and let him know if there was any drastic change in her condition. Bloodwork done that day indicated that her condition was improved, and bloodwork a month later in August showed that her condition was almost unchanged. I heaved a sigh of relief. We all continued to cuddle each other and be with each other, and I was grateful for every day.
Still, nothing stays the same for long. I had noticed that in the later part of September, Punkin was losing weight again. She was active and appeared to be enjoying life, so I didn't call Aunt Julie until 1 October. By this time Punkin was slowing down, and was really thin. Aunt Julie relayed to me that Punkin loved to eat, but didn't find the dry food nourishing enough. She didn't want the canned food or the wet food, just denser dry food. I brought home two types of kitten food, and she nibbled at them. She seemed to regain some energy. I called Aunt Julie again on 6 October, and asked her to ask Punkin and Goldman if it was all right for me to leave them alone and go visit my parents for a day and a half. They told her to tell me yes, if someone would come in and check on them. Punkin said she felt fine and not to worry, but please have a human person check on them. I agreed to do this, and my neighbor lady came in and checked them the evening of 7 October.
When I got back on Wednesday, 8 October, Punkin and Goldman appeared to be doing well. Punkin was lively and even looked like she was gaining a little bit of weight. In retrospect, this was a rally. By Sunday, I sensed that Punkin wasn't eating. Even kitten food wasn't doing it. By Tuesday 14 October, I wondered if she had stopped drinking water. That night she cried and cried and cried. I called Aunt Julie in a panic. Aunt Julie conveyed to me that Punkin felt it was getting close to time, but that she wanted me to take her to the vet to find out how much longer she had left. Punkin knew she was dying. I took her to the vet Wednesday, and got a confirmation from another doctor in the practice. After she examined Punkin and recommended very kindly that it was time, she left us alone to decide what we would do. I say "we", because there was no way I was going to make the decision without Punkin's input. I was on the cell phone to Aunt Julie right there in the examining room, and Punkin could tell me through her that she wanted to go home one more time and see Goldman, and spend one more night with the two of us. Oh, and please make the appointment for the euthanasia at 10:00 AM! *That* she could handle! Another wonder: *Garfield*, my cat who had been put down in 1995, put in an appearance and had things he wanted to say to me through Aunt Julie. He said that he was going to be waiting for both me and Punkin when we got home, and that he would explain what was going to happen to Punkin to Goldman! I said that was great, I said to tell Punkin yes I would make her appointment as requested, and I rang off. When the vet came back into the room, I told her I wanted to take Punkin home for one more night. She approved, and then suggested that Punkin be given some fluids by IV so she would be more comfortable and not feel so thirsty. This was done in 10 minutes. I made Punkin's appointment for 10:00 AM on 16 October, and we went home.
Once home, I called Aunt Julie again. Aunt Julie told me that Garfield was indeed there, and being very nice to Punkin. Punkin said the IV fluids were a wonderful idea and she felt better, and this would make things easier, thank you Mommy! Punkin told Aunt Julie to let me know that this was going to be a terrible and wonderful night. Her last night. She and Goldman had things to discuss. Garfield weighed in and said he would be there to help. I was to understand that Punkin would cry out, being a cat, and I needed to be supportive. I was to give Punkin a little water myself from time to time because she would need it. We all discussed a few things about the euthanasia, did Punkin want a blanket (she said yes, and make sure Goldman gets it afterwards), and cremation. Through Aunt Julie, Punkin said I could even leave the room when the time came if I couldn't handle it. I said to tell Punkin I would be there till the end. Punkin also said that I should come in and touch her all over and look at her all over, because after tomorrow I would never be able to do it again.
It *was* a long night, none of us got a lot of sleep, but dawn finally came. Around 9:30 AM on 16 October, I called Aunt Julie for a last-minute sanity check. Punkin said through Aunt Julie that she wanted me to hug her and kiss her like I never had before, to hug her hard, even if it hurt her, and to kiss her all over her face and neck. Lots of kisses. Also that she was ready to go to the vet right NOW, and if she got upset, to help her through it. She wanted me to know she would be coming home with me, even though her body was staying behind. She would sit in the carrier like she always did. I told Aunt Julie that as soon as I rang off, I would do what Punkin asked, put her in the carrier and we would go. I did kiss Punkin, a lot. I hugged her like I never wanted to let go, and it felt good. Punkin didn't even cry out at being squeezed. Then we left for the vet's.
When we got there, we were shown into an examining room pretty quickly. I signed the consent papers. I took out Punkin's blanket, put it on the table, and took her out of her carrier. We had a few minutes to wait. She cried a little, and I held her. I must confess I wanted to cry also. The vet and his assistant came in. Punkin was resting on the blanket. I placed my hands on her head and shoulders, and told her Mommy was there. In a few seconds, with one last growl, Punkin was gone. The vet and I wrapped her spare little body in the big blue towel I had brought for that purpose. He took her body away and I was left with my thoughts. I put on my jacket, grabbed the blanket and the carrier, and said, "OK, let's go home!" I walked out, grief-stricken, wondering if she really was with me.
Back home, I sat for a few moments to catch my breath, cried hard for a few minutes, then picked up the phone to call Aunt Julie. Punkin, Goldman, and Garfield were all wanting to talk! Punkin let me know she had been so scared, so very, very scared. Mommy didn't even realize it! (True.) But it was over and she was fine. Goldman started swearing, finding it hard to believe that Punkin was out of her body and really, really gone, yet knowing it was so. Garfield said he was taking Goldman away to talk to him privately. Aunt Julie said this left me and Punkin. Did Punkin have anything she wanted to say?
Oh, man, did she ever!!! Punkin thanked me for all the things I had done for her, but especially for how I handled her final days and those last moments. She told me I was a warm, kind, beautiful person, a good person. She said I had set her free, and because I did, she could now move on to her new life without guilt or worry. In fact she was already out in Los Angeles! And what a life she had planned! I heard many details through Aunt Julie. She was going to take on human form and be human again! She was on her way!
It went a long way toward reconciling me to losing Punkin when I learned what she was going to be doing in her new existence. I laughed and cried at the same time. I asked Aunt Julie to make sure she knew I was OK with her going, and that it was OK that she had changed her mind about sticking around the house. She should go. You go, girl! I asked Aunt Julie to tell Punkin I was very proud. Then I learned through Aunt Julie that Punkin was taking Garfield with her, and he would be assuming a human form also! I laughed and cried some more. Garfield apologized to Goldman for not sticking around as he had originally planned. Then I, Goldman, Aunt Julie, and Garfield had the same thought at once: Well, it's just Mommy and Goldman now.
I asked Aunt Julie to let Goldman know that even though it was just myself and himself, we were still a family. He seemed happy with this, till he realized I would be going off to work tomorrow and he would be by himself. Goldman asked me to get him a little sister companion cat very soon, as in tomorrow! He had very specific requirements. I told him I would do my best. Aunt Julie said it was unusual to be bringing in another pet so soon. Goldman said out of respect for Punkin, we would not do it today! I said fine, getting teary-eyed and choked up for the millionth time since this all began back in April.
So it looks like I'll be getting another cat. I'm not worried; Aunt Julie will be there to help the newcomer acclimate to her new Mommy and big brother. She will help Goldman and me deal with the loss of our good friend. My cat family is diminished, but will grow in another direction. Julie Rich ably shepherded *all* of us, cats and human alike, through the steep mountain passes of death and life. She brought all of us out on the other side. Aunt Julie, on behalf of Punkin, Goldman, Garfield, and myself, our profoundest thanks.
Written 16 October 2003.
~ Susan T, MD
This pet owner contacted me regarding her dog Gracie who was ailing from Cushings Disease. Gracie was already in pretty bad physical shape, and Helen wanted to talk to her to discuss a new medicine they wanted to try on her, as well as of course talk about other related issues and certainly anything else Gracie might want to say about anything. Gracie was composed and quite on top of things, discussed her concepts about the timing and circumstances her passing might entail and laid out how she would like things to go for her passing - and yes, she was also fine on trying this new medicine, too. As things turned out, she did take a turn for the worse and 3 days later was put to sleep.
Gracie and Helen's talk beforehand went a long way when it came to peace of mind, establishing where Gracie stood on things, Helen's knowing that she truly did all that she could, and I was quite impressed when I read what she wrote about the subsequent communication between them as the time drew near. Many (if not all) owners have such excellent communication with their pets; most do not see, acknowledge or trust that this is so. ~ Julie
Dear Julie,
Thank you so much for your email and for a wonderful conversation with Gracie Sunday evening. It seems she knew the time for passing over was much closer than I knew (or was willing to acknowledge). She had only two and a half days left before she said "enough is enough." No wonder she had so much to say! We talked for six hours yesterday and I cleared everything with her about what she wanted me to do. I didn't carry out all of her expressed wishes for the end time - mid-day was not a good time for all her loved ones to gather round. She was in such a hurry to get it over wirh that she said it was okay to be with just me and Doc. She also agreed that her ashes could be placed near the old oak tree when the ground is less frozen. Today, I'm reliving every minute of yesterday with her - not crying, just being close to her. I want to talk with her soon and will email you when I know it's time. Molly wants to talk, too.
Bless you for being such an accomplished facilitator! What a gift you have! Thank you, thank you, Julie, for sharing that gift with others!
You made her passing so much more bearable for me and so much easier for Gracie.
She was able to evoke my understanding about how aware she was of so many things and that she knew that her time here was limiited. She was an incredibly perceptive dog, She was always at my side (or my feet) no matter where I might be in the house. Always interested, always sharing her presence.
With love and gratitude,
~ Helen K in MD, March 2005
Before we had our post-death communication with Pepper I was feeling sort of blah and missing her presence here in the house. But that eased somewhat as I learned how happy she was in her new state of being. As I was leaving the office this evening to come back to house I caught myself turning around to call to Pepper to come on... almost asked one of the remaining staff persons where she was and at that same moment remembered she wouldn't be following back to the house! So, as you know, there are always those moments of expecting them to be there and then the stab of "remembering" that always evokes some sadness. But knowing she came through the transition so happy on the other side always helps to ease the feelings of loss at this end. And, of course, there are so many here that require attention that it helps to keep one's mind in the present moment much of the time! I find myself thinking of her often and always in my mind I see her grinning at me in the way only Pepper could. So even through the occasional tears, I just have to smile too!
~ MB in VA
Cinnamon was a missing kitty who ended up passing over and because the owner opted to take advantage of my Transition service for an animal being who desired to be her pet again, this sweet being came back to the household as a kitten. When the time was right, it was reeeeeal right: she got to be the female with calico colorings she wanted to be and got her black and white brother...and I mean literal littermate-sibling-brother, as it turned out. Her name had been Cinnamon and this new kitten was already named.....Spice.......Aunt Julie
Thought I'd send you a few photos of the new kids, just for fun. Spice's personality seems to be half Cinnamon, half someone else...she has shown a few very specific Cinnamon-like traits, which is really interesting. Most of all, she loves everyone and just seems happy to be alive! Cochise (our little black dog) was fascinated with her from the very beginning and wouldn't stop sniffing her (Cochise didn't seem to care about Sniper) -- as you might recall, Cochise knew that Cinnamon was hanging around our old house in Garner after she died...I wonder if she senses that Cinni is "back." She even went so far as to share her bed with Spice one day last week, which blew me away (see photo!). It's really neat to be able to compare the personalities of both kittens -- Sniper is totally different from Spice, but they are inseparable!
Anyway, I feel a definite sense of peace now where Cinnamon is concerned, which is such a relief!
~ Virginia N in NC
From an email I received a bit later, I had written something regarding things she was observing about the personality similarties, to which she responded
You know, that's the thing -- I've been trying really hard not to look for Cinnamon traits, and they just pop out. If we didn't have Sniper as well, I would just assume that the way Spice acts is typical of all cats. In fact, either Spice is getting more like Cinni every day, or I'm going nutty (technical term : ] ). A few times both D- and I have seen Spice out of the corner of our eyes and saw Cinnamon there instead. It's all so very interesting!
~ Virginia N in NC
I contacted Julie on the referral of a friend.  I didn't really believe in the ability to communicate with a pet that had passed away, but I was so distraught over losing my basset hound Ashley that I couldn't get past it, I needed something to help me heal.  I decided to open my mind and contact Julie and I'm so very glad that I did!
Ashley was only 13 weeks old when I became her mommy. She was a spunky little girl who soon became a social princess attending many basset rescue events with me and helping to raise funds for her homeless basset friends.  She had a great sense of humor and loved everyone!  She was truly my very best friend in the whole world. She was a very healthy dog, never any problems until September '01. She was 8-1/2 years old and I learned from what was to be a "typical" ultrasound that she had some very rare form of cancer that was going into a major artery, making surgery impossible. I was told there was nothing that can be done to help her and to enjoy her while I could, that she didn't have much time!  My head was spinning out of control. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I couldn't stop crying. My baby, how could this be happening? She was acting fine and completely healthy! I spent the next 3 weeks taking her to every specialist on the east coast I could find who would look at her, including one in NYC a week after the bombing of the Trade Center. Everyone I met with told me there was nothing they could do, the cancer was too aggressive and the tumor in the blood vessel made surgery impossible. Not giving up, I still had 3 other appointments for her when she passed away in my arms.  She couldn't go on anymore and I knew that, so I tried to do what was best for her in the end.
I never realized that her death would hit me harder than I ever dreamed it would. It was truly the worst emotional pain I have gone through and was so afraid that she blamed me for not helping her get better.  The guilt was awful, I didn't want her to think I gave up on her. I had also entered one of the most difficult times of my life right after her death and I was angry, angry at God, angry at the vets, at everyone because when I needed my best friend the most, she was taken from me. I thought I had prepared myself for the inevitable when she passed away, but I never imagined the pain and grief I would suffer daily.
 Talking to Julie was like a breath of fresh air. She was extremely sensitive, sincere and understanding and took time to explain the process to me. She has helped me to heal and to deal with my grief and guilt over losing Ashley. She helped me to communicate with Ashley and to let Ashley know how much I loved and missed her and to ensure me that Ashley was happy where she was and loved me too.
It was more than that though. Julie was able to talk to Ashley and relay her messages to me, things that Ashley remembered. Remember I came into this process as a skeptic, a non-believer, and I was looking for a way to "KNOW" it was Ashley talking back. There were several messages that were sent by Ashley to Julie to let me know it was truly her. Ashley mentioned an event that happened one day while I was walking with her when a big black Rottweiler came after us; she also mentioned Ashley's "special chair"; her love to be the center of attention, the outfits that she wore, TWO "LABOR DAY TIME" picnics that we didn't go to when she got sick. Ashley wanted to know what happened, why we didn't go! BELIEVE me, there is no way that Julie could have known about this stuff, I didn't tell her. These messages came from Ashley to me to let me know it was really her and to turn me into a true believer. So my friends, Julie didn't just listen to me and counsel me, she truly gave me back a part of my life that was missing.
I can not begin to tell you what a relief that offered for me. It gave me some closure. I feel so much better having been able communicate with Ashley through Julie. She was truly a godsend for me. I no longer cry on a daily basis, I feel refreshed and complete again.
Thank you Julie for all you have given back to me.
KC ~ Flemington, NJ
Dear Aunt Julie,
Thank you so very much for your care and understanding of animals. I had just gotten a free puppy from a lady at work. It was white, fluffy, and furry, it was a 1 lb full-of-life bouncing teddy bear. What a personality it had at just 8 weeks old! I named him Valentino.
While I was at work, my roommate who was watching my dog left it unattended outside with the other dog, and we had a pool. An unfortunate accident...the bigger dog while playing with the little one knocked him in the pool. My roommate who had fallen asleep for 15 minutes woke up to my dead puppy in our pool. My roommate called me at work and told me. I was besides myself with grief and crying.
Aunt Julie was there to comfort me and to translate for me. She told me that my puppy was ok, and he knows it wasn’t anyone’s fault that he died, and he didn’t want me to be upset, and wanted to thank me for every thing I did for him and giving him a good home, and taking care of him. I knew he was there because I could feel his presence, but I needed Julie to translate. I felt much better after she did. The next day I got a communication from my puppy which was wonderful, and I was able to have closure about him and go on with my life.
I went out two days later and got another dog. I could create again on having a dog.
Thank you very much for your translation abilities Aunt Julie. I know others can experience the same or even better results from your help.
Thank you,
Feb 2001
Hello, my name is Megan and I live in Brisbane, Australia.  Julie has been my pen friend now for a couple of years, but it's only been just recently that I have found out about her "Gift".
And it's truly a remarkable gift!
About 9 years ago I lost my beloved cat "Tuppence" whom I just adored. She was about 16 years old when she wondered away to die (as cats are prone to do). It was very sad & distressing for both myself and my family never having the chance to say goodbye. We couldn't even bury her, as we never located her body.
So when Julie told me about her ability to talk to animals, I quickly jumped at the chance to have her try and contact Tuppy. (Keep in mind that Julie has never seen a photo of her).
What happened next was amazing!
Julie wrote back and said that Tuppence had taken another form (male this time) and was fine, she (he) apologized for any distressed she (he) had caused & was happy I had Julie contact her (him). Julie went into great detail about her (his) experiences in its current and past forms. Julie also described in detail where it was now living and it's current body.
This got Julie & myself really curious as to what type of animal she (he) now was. So with a little research Julie located a picture of a Numbat, which she tells me is what she saw.  I was stunned! The Numbat's makings and colorings are very similar to Tuppence's. From the dark stripes, white underbelly to the black lining around its eyes. I had heard of the Numbat before, but had never seen one as they live in the Western Australian scrub  (a long way from home). She was so spot on. This wasn't just a coincidence…Julie really had contacted her.
I can't say enough good things about Julie and I really am very thankful for her friendship, concern and sensitivity. With her help, I feel that I have found the missing piece to the puzzle, and I can finally say goodbye to my one of my oldest & dearest friends, Tuppence.

A short while ago, I had the devastating experience of driving over a little tree rat who ran out into the street and under the wheels of my car.  I quickly drove the few blocks to my house, picked up the phone and called Aunt Julie to come with me right away to where the animal lay.  She was ready in an instant and we drove to the spot.  There was the animal, his body very dead.  I parked the car and Julie almost immediately spotted the animal's spirit hovering closely above the body.  Julie asked him how he was doing.  She got back a response of "OK, I guess. What just happened?" Julie answered and they "talked" via thoughts and pictures as he told her he had felt a moment of pain on impact but he was fine now.  He wanted to know what he was supposed to do at this point.  He also told her he thought he was smarter and quicker in playing the game with the car so he was surprised when the game was over so fast and he lost.  Julie acknowledged this and told him he could pick up another body if he wanted to.  He asked "what body" and told her he liked the idea of being a little animal again, but not wild this time. She put forth suggestions of a ferret or a hare and he immediately got excited at the idea of being a pet rabbit.  "Where can I go so someone will adopt me?" Julie named a nearby pet store that she recalled had rabbits for sale.  She told him the name and where it was located.  He was so happy in his response, said "Thanks!" and zip, he was gone.  I looked at Aunt Julie and said "Wow!"  I felt the space where the rat's body lay was clean and free of grief or loss.  He was really gone!
Thank you, Aunt Julie, for helping me through this incident and for raising the animal's awareness to where he could start a new life for himself.
FR - Clearwater
I had to have my Boston Terrier, Eliot (Ellie -- she's a girl) euthanized shortly before Christmas, 2002 because of massive lung cancer. She was my first dog, and I had the joy of living with her for thirteen years. Her death hit me harder than I ever imagined -- it is the worst emotional pain I have ever experienced, and mingled with the grief were feelings of guilt and sorrow. I felt that I had not given her as good a life as she deserved, and I wondered if there was an afterlife for her, where her numerous physical infirmities would be eliminated, and she could have the health and freedom that she did not have in her life with me.
Ellie began going blind in her first year of life, and had accompanying painful glaucoma which resulted in multiple eyedrops daily, and finally in two surgeries which destroyed what little vision she had left. She also had widespread allergies, severely limiting her diet, and necessitating monthly shots. She had to have surgery on her knees whe she was only about four months old.
When she died, I realized what limited enjoyment she must have had from life -- unpleasant-tasting prescription food, pills shoved down her throat at every meal, the frustration of losing her vision, the pain of her knees and eyes (which I did try to monitor closely, so she wouldn't suffer unduly), and staying in a crate for most of the day. I felt terrible guilt, for not working out things so that she could have enjoyed life more. The guilt was multiplied by the thought: is that all she got? Was there no further life for my Eliot?
I wanted to know -- did Ellie's existence end at the vet's, or was she still "alive" somewhere? This developed into a spiritual crises for me -- I had never doubted before that there was an afterlife for animals, but now, I wanted more concrete evidence.
I found out about Julie's "Pet Communicator" services through a search on eBay. She spent several days "talking" with me through e-mail, and ended up communicating with Eliot three times.
The "Ellie Consult" which Julie did for me has helped me tremendously with my grief and guilt feelings. I was brought to face Eliot's anger, fear and frustration over her illnesses and disabilities, being shut up so much of the time, and the experience of being "put to sleep." However, I also was introduced to a little dog with a boundless capability to forgive, and to love. During the several days over which the consultation occurred, I also had two powerful dreams; in the first, Eliot walked away from me and past a wall (death?), and in the second, she bounded toward me in a tiny form and literally burrowed her way into my heart, speading warmth and peace as she went.
I am as sure as I can be, that Ellie communicated with me, both through Julie and through those two dreams. Although the pain of losing her is still sharp, I am reassured both of her continuing existence, and of her loving forgiveness for my shortcomings as her caregiver.
Julie is sensitive, very kind, and sincere -- she has a great gift of empathy, and works very hard in her consultations. She went over my information and questions point by point, and I believe that I received more than my money's worth from her. She helped me work through some of the worst pain of my life, and I am very grateful!
- LC    Feb 2003
Hi Julie,
I have been wanting to write to thank you for Fremont's reading.
I am really no wordsmith and can not put into words how much it meant to me to learn Fremont's views of his life, passing, and afterlife. He was (and is) so special to us. He was as much a part of the family as any of us. It was surprising to learn that he was not sure about whether or not he was wanted in the house. Your Consultation was very comforting to Linda and I and I feel that Fremont was comforted greatly also. You described him as a very polite fella. I would have expected no less of him. He always carried himself with an air of dignity and pride. He would never accepted less of himself than to be most formal and polite.
By the way, Fremont visited us again today. Fremont had a very distinct odor about him as he had bad allergies that affected his skin. We often will get just a whiff of him........just a fleeting whiff....that last only 1/4 to 1/2 a short inhale of breath. Today Linda smelled him in the laundry room. He has been gone since Aug.11/03 and there is nothing in the laundry room of his. We always welcome him at these times.
Again, Julie, Linda and I thank you for the reading and for the extra time. It has lifted both our spirits (little play on words?).
~ Henry & Linda Justice, GA
I lost my Australian Shepherd, Sophie, while she was on a walk with neighbors in a local regional park on a sunny afternoon.  My neighbors called me two hours later, panicked, not able to find her.  I quickly assembled a team of friends to help look and we spent that night- and the next six days - in the park every spare moment we could find.  I made a decision that first night that I would take any suggestion anyone had about finding Sophie, no matter how silly or non-effective I thought it sounded. I visited every shelter in a 75-mile radius, posted signs, put ads in the newspapers and online, mailed posters to every animal business and organization within a 35-mile radius, engaged a pet detective - everything anyone came up with, I tried.  
The next weekend, as I was posting signs in a neighborhood where someone had reported seeing a dog that looked like Sophie (but wasn't her), a woman pulled up in her car.  "I'm so sorry about your dog," she said, "I have to ask you, have you thought about trying a pet psychic?  I can give you the number of the woman who found my dog for me."  She pointed in her back seat to Joe, a big lab who had gone missing a year earlier.  I looked up, thanked God for yet another person who wanted to help me, and took the number and name she gave.   
That night I had started to have this feeling that if I couldn't find Sophie, I should get another dog right away.  I couldn't explain it, because there was no reason I should believe my dog was not going to come back.  But still, I had this strong feeling - almost like a push.  Get a new dog.  Soon.
That psychic never answered my calls, but it put the gears in motion.  Two days later I saw Julie's ad in a local online classified listing and decided to ask her for help.  I never imagined what a journey I was starting.
Julie emailed me back, and asked me a few questions about Sophie - how old, where and when she was lost.  I gave her what she needed and then she emailed me back-she had already contacted Sophie!  But the news was bad. Sophie told Julie what had happened.  She had died the day she was lost, falling down a ravine after slipping.
Julie let me know that Sophie was very upset, but more than anything she loved me so much, and missed me terribly.  And then, she said Sophie wanted to come back to me, in the form of another dog.  I cried when I read that last paragraph.  I knew why I had felt that push - Sophie wanted to come back to me.
I read the rest of Julie's email.  "Sophie wants to be a boy dog, and an Australian Shepherd again- she thinks it's a great breed-o-dog.  She's showing me a pet store," said Julie, "and there's this puppy in there, in a plastic-sided travel kennel.  He's an older puppy, maybe four months, and he's there because the person who had him can't take care of him anymore.  The puppy has been having a hard time and he wants Sophie to come and sort of take over things for him.  There's this woman - she's a little older - who's dressed like someone from New England.  She's trying to place the puppy for the person who can't take care of him.  It's in a little town - there are shops up and down the street, close together so that you can walk from store to store.  And Sophie says it's near, or where you can get to - 'near where you can get to.'  Maybe 2-3 miles.  Sophie says hurry, Mommy."
The next day I woke up with a clear picture in my mind of the dog I would find.  He was brown, with a little white, less furry than Sophie had been, and slimmer than she was through the chest. Julie said her mental picture was strikingly similar.  I went to every pet store I could find.  I went to all of the animal shelters and humane societies as well, and looked online for hours to see if I could find a dog that looked like my mental picture.  I found nothing.
I emailed Julie, and cried as I typed.  The pet stores here don't sell dogs - they offer adoption fairs for local shelters on the weekends.  I didn't see a dog that looked like the right dog anywhere.  I was convinced that I hadn't looked hard enough, and that I had let Sophie down.  She wanted to come back to me so much, and I just couldn't find her.  Julie reassured me.  "Sophie's ok," she said, "She knows how hard you're looking."
I went back to Julie's original email and read it over and over again, until something began to click in my mind.  What did Sophie mean by "near where you can get to?"  What about the woman who was dressed in a "New England" style?  What could that mean?
I am originally from Maine, and got Sophie from a breeder there.  My mother lives very close to the breeder.  My mother also lives in a town that has a street lined with small shops, where you can walk from shop to shop. I decided to call my mother and ask her to contact the breeder I had gotten Sophie from. Judi, the breeder, hadn't been breeding Aussies anymore when I talked to her three years ago.  However, she frequently rescues animals, and I thought she might know of someone who was looking to place an Aussie. The next morning I also scanned Uncle Henry's Buy-Swap-Sell-the classified listing for Maine.  It was the same magazine I had found Sophie listed in.  My heart stopped when I saw the ad: "Australian Shepherds.  Older pups.  Four Males.  Call Judi."
I called my mom.  She hadn't been able to get Judi's number through information.  I gave her the number from the ad and asked if she could see if it was the same woman.  It was.
My mom was coming to see me the next day to help look for Sophie.  The following morning before she went to the airport she stopped at the breeder's and took pictures of all four puppies.  The next day we developed them.  "The first three were ok," she said, "but you should have seen the fourth one.  Oh!  He was adorable, just so happy to meet me and rolling around and playing.  Of the four, I liked that one the best."
I ended up getting Denny, the fourth puppy, three weeks later.  He's brown, with a little white.  He's slimmer through the chest than Sophie was.  He had hookworm, and nearly died, which was why the breeder still had him at five months.  The breeder was trying to place the other three males for a man who had bred them, then had a stroke before they were born.  The breeder is seven miles from my mother's home-not exactly the 2-3 Julie mentioned, but pretty close.  Because my mother could bring the pictures to me, and also ended up being instrumental in helping me choose a dog, it was good that I hurried to find him.  If I had looked after my mother came I might not have been able to get pictures, and I would most certainly have missed my mother's opinion, which I valued.
In spite of all of this, I had moments of doubt.  It's one thing to know something in your heart, and a different thing entirely to be grieving a loss so badly at the same time.  On top of that, there's the look I expected my friends to give me when I told them that a pet psychic told me to get a new dog.  (Mine were a lot more supportive and accepting than I expected - maybe it was my own hesitancy instead of theirs)  I have to say that I warred with myself over and over.  I don't blindly believe anything, ever, and I asked myself and God over and over if this was really the right thing to do.  My dog - my closest relationship - had only been missing for a few weeks and here I was, thinking about getting a new one.  But I'd told myself I would do whatever anyone suggested to find a new dog, and I forced myself to be open to the possibility that this could be my only means of finding Sophie.  I also decided that to continue the other means of finding her that I already had in place.  Finally, I decided that if I did find another dog, I would get him only if I felt it was the right thing for me to do - and only if he felt like the right dog for me.
I also checked with another pet psychic.  I wanted a second opinion - if there was any chance my dog was still alive, I wanted to find her.  The second psychic sighed when I finally talked to her. "I'm sorry," she said, "I'm seeing that your dog has died.  She was spooked by something, and then she was running up a hill - some sort of a ravine. She slipped, and I see her falling.  It was the fall that killed her."
There is no word in the English language for "lover-daughter."  My relationship with Sophie was the most intimate non-sexual one I have ever had, and my world revolved around her like a parent's does.  So far, Denny and I are still getting used to each other.  I won't say he's Sophie all over again, because he's not - he will be his own individual dog-person.   
But yesterday he ran off with my sock as I was getting dressed to go running.  Sophie used to do that...
Thank you SO MUCH for everything.  I can't tell you how amazing this has been. What a journey! :-)
JD, Calif.
This was a joy!  This one was riddled with a series of bizarre "coincidences" beyond what's even written above, and for me the most unique part was that I actually got to experience with Sophie the moment when she decided to take over the new puppy body she had chosen - later acquired by Sophie's owner and named Denny. The sensations and new outlook was startling, and I learned first-hand the importance of letting a new baby be, well, that new baby.
I have since gotten to know Denny as Denny, and he's such a Good Boy! I'm "Aunt Julie" to this dog, too! The owner, who is very intuned to him herself, recently surprised me with this wonderful email: "I got home last night, Denny met me at the door and I got this full-force blast of 'I talked to Aunt Julie today!' Over and over!  'She's proud of me!  She's says I'm doing really good!'  He was so excited and proud of himself.  So, once again, thank you."

Written prior to her passing ~
I love that she talks to you I think it's one of the coolest things I've ever experienced. Initially I thought, "what the hell" I'll give this thing a shot, but Julie, you knew things about me that there is no WAY you could have known if you had not been told by Aggie. I'm really quite impressed by the whole thing and it's made things so much better since I'm not second-guessing my decisions, I get her input from you. It truly is wonderful.
~ Michael M
Written after her passing ~
Like some of you who are hopefully reading this I was a bit skeptical. I believe that there is much more to life and after-life than meets the eye and religion is a poor explanation for anything except perhaps how we can better treat our fellow humans. I was raised fundamentalist Christian so any kind of "Para-normal activity" was chalked up to the devil, end of discussion. But I was blessed with an open mind so I was willing to try it out, what the heck, I had spent more on a night out on the town.
I had/have a cat named Agatha, a beautiful Siamese mix who was so incredibly gentle and laid back you couldn't help but want to pick her up and hold her, just so you could get that sweetness close to you, as if it might stick. I got her when she was approximately 4, had her for 7 years, had to give her up for two years (where she went to Oregon to live on a ranch) during that time I broke my back and had a LONG recovery period, during that time I got her back, much to my surprise. She didn't seem surprised at all. Since I was laid up for several years, we really began to bond in a way I had never bonded with anyone or anything before. I felt that we were communicating but I wasn't sure how much of it was my projection and how much of it was really her. Animals don't talk the way we do, at least to me, it's more like pictures or ideas. Anyway, I noticed her slowing down, she was getting grey hair, she was having trouble going to the bathroom and I wasn't sure how comfortable she was and since I didn't know how old she really was (around 14 at this point) I asked Julie to talk to Aggie to find out how she was feeling and if she was ready to go soon or what the deal was.
What I got back blew my mind.
Aggie had a lot to say.
First off, Julie suddenly knew things about me that there is NO WAY she could have known unless Aggie told her, things I haven't even ever told another person.
Skepticism gone; immediately, permanently.
But this isn't about me so much. Aggie was feeling her age, a little creaky in her bones, she could tell her body was beginning to give out and she knew it. She was as worried about me as I was about her. I am crying as I write this. After that first consultation there was an immediate difference in Aggie's behavior, she was trying to assuage my fears that she was withdrawing and came out to the living room to visit that night for the first time in months. I was amazed. She told Julie that she would stick around as long as she could, I made her stick around longer because I was selfish and couldn't stand the thought of her leaving. I got a Christmas card from Julie saying to "enjoy one another" and I knew the end was near. I took Aggie with me on several trips out of the house, out to the country and to the store, little things like that to let her see the world a little bit more before she had to go. Eventually I could tell that it was time, she was having trouble breathing, and she didn't want to sleep next to me, which was a huge indicator. I had a vet come to the house to have her put to sleep, because we had been able to plan the whole thing out ahead of time thanks to Julie. The last thing she wanted to see before she went was my face, and it was the last thing she saw. OK, I am really bawling now. I immediately got on the phone with Julie after she shut her eyes and I was holding her, she communicated to me how she was feeling as she left the body, it was so wonderful and peaceful and really a joyous experience, she felt so much better. It was so much easier for me to have had it done that way. As her body grew cold I put her in a box and the vet (Dr. Tina Ellenbogen, if you're in the Seattle area) took her away for cremation. Aggie herself is still here. We are looking for a new kitten together which she was infuse her life-force into and we will be together again. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. I can't thank Julie enough for increasing my communication with my beloved Aggie for the last year or so before she died, it was a priceless gift and there is no possible way to repay her for it. If you love your animal, you will call Julie. You and your pet will be glad you did.
~ Michael Moyer; Seattle, WA
Aggie is now reunited with Michael and enjoying her (his!) new life as Dominic. ~ Julie
Our house consists of 5 Yorkie dogs and one cat. Over the last several years we had lost 2 cats and the remaining cat felt alone. We also "adopted" one of the Yorkies when his mommy got sick and passed away. We had moved 3 times in 2 years, my mother had passed away and we were now "adopting" a stray kitten that we had found.
For Christmas last year 2003, my husband gave me the best present in the world...the gift of "talking" to my babies. It is now September of 2004 and with Aunt Julie's help, our family is one fine unit. We understand their concerns and fears and they understand that we won't abandon them. The kitten was gradually brought into their lives and our adult cat accepted her tepidly at first, and then really started playing like a kitten again. The Yorkies still chased the cat and kitten, but it became a game, instead of having to worry about them killing each other. Two of the Yorkies became "canine mom and dad" to the kitten.
The kitten got sick two weeks ago and had to be put to sleep....not only were we able to talk the kitten through the process and essentially get her blessing but she then described the new kitten body her spirit wants to come back as and to our loving household as well. The cat and Yorkies have been mourning her loss as we are and have pulled together even tighter....hanging onto each other.
I really don't know what else to say. It's because of Aunt Julie that we have a "REAL UNIFIED" family. It's because of her communication skills that we have been able to find out what kind of pain these guys are in and get them treated appropriately (we've had BAD VET experiences). It's a real gift from God that she has and it's a gift to our family that she has shared with us.
If you have doubts; you are normal. I never really thought it possible to advocate pet communications. Sure, it's fascinating on TV and reading books. But to actually experience the breakthroughs, the heartbreaks, the abuse that animals have or may have suffered is so helpful and bonding for them and for us humans. Aunt Julie...thank you so much for everything.
We love you, Terry and Gary and All the babies
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